In the MBC monthly drama ‘365: One Year Against Destiny’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘365’), aired on the 24th, Shin Ga-hyun (Nam Ji-hyun) faced with a shocking truth he did not know before the reset.

Lee Shin reported that Yeong-gil (Jeon Seok-ho), who had participated in the reset, died in front of the gathered resetters. The resetters lost their mind for a moment when they reset, and Yeong-gil was driving at the time, and he died on the scene in an accident. Lee Shin said, “It’s a big responsibility that I feel as it started with my proposal. If you have any trouble with a reset or need help, please come to me. I will try to help as much as I can.”

Gahyun, who couldn’t walk with both legs, was able to walk after a reset, but was troubled by the fact that her 10-year-old friend Ju-young (Min Do-hee) and fiance Woojin (Lim Hyun-soo) betrayed him and cheated on him. So I went to Lee Sin and said, “I knew it would have been nice if I didn’t know. Everything seems to be twisted.” Then, Lee Shin said, “People who have had serious accidents often suffer from memory loss. The unconscious thing erases what they really can’t handle. Focus on it, whether it was a reset or how you would spend this newly obtained time. It would be more valuable than leaving it unconscious. “

Meanwhile, Jaeyoung (Ahn Seung-gyun) gave a meaningful expression to other resetters rejoicing that everything went as desired after the reset, saying, “Why do you think there will only be good things? Hyung-ju (Lee Joon-hyuk) accused Jaeyoung of taking pictures of resetters on his cell phone. In response, Jaeyoung said, “Mr. Courier is a teaser, and this is the beginning. We are invited to the Death Note game.” In the meantime, he pointed to Gahyeon as the next hitter of Young-gil.

On the day when Gahyun lost two legs with a hit-and-run, she didn’t go out and died extremely. However, after a moment of neglect, the dog, Maru, came out of the house, and while trying to find the floor, he arrived at the accident site a year ago and panicked.

At the same time, Hyung-ju, who was looking for the floor together, appeared and took care of Ga-hyeon, and Ga-hyeon said, “I knew it in advance, but it was like this. Hyungju said, “After all, I got up. But I can stop it. If I prevent it in advance, I can stop it.”

Fortunately, thanks to Yeon-soo (Isia), who reset together, Ga-hyun finds the floor and goes back to sleep. After receiving a call from Joo-young, Ga-hyun shouted in a sense of betrayal, “I want you to disappear from this world forever in my life.” At that time, an accident was heard over the phone, and Ga-hyun realized that Joo-young had an accident at the same time and place where he had an accident a year ago.

As expected by Gahyun, Joo-young had a tragic accident just like Gahyeon a year ago, and Gahyeon, who was shocked, visited Lee Shin and begged, “Please let me go back to the reset. I want to go back. I need to go back.” Then he said, “Is my friend hurt because I avoided the accident?” In response, Lee Shin convinced Ga-hyun and said, “Isn’t the same person at the same time and place as the same person as the criminal?”

Through hypnosis, Gahyun found out that the owner of the car that ran away from him was Daesung (Seonghyuk), the fiance of Yeonsu. Ga-hyun went to Yeon-su and announced this, and she said she didn’t know anything. In the meantime, he persuaded Dae-sung to somehow surrender and asked Ga-hyeon for the time.

Meanwhile, Joo-young died in a hit-and-run accident, and Ga-hyun suffered from the thought that a friend died on her behalf. Hyung-ju sympathizes with Ga-hyun’s pain, and went out to find evidence that Daesung was the culprit.

In the process, Ga-hyun and Hyung-ju discovered that Yomson-bum was a trainee, not Daesung. Gahyun, angry at the fact that she missed the training in front of her eyes, visited Lee Shin and resented, “Is it all you know and invited the two of us?” But Lee Shin said, “I’m doing this so quickly that I can get what I can get.”

Meanwhile, Gyeong-man (Lee Ha-ryong) suddenly died of myocardial infarction, and the resetters once again gathered at the funeral home. On the spot, Jaeyoung said, “Now I know the rules for sure. It’s like survival.” He explained that when the resetters gathered in one place, they would die in the order of the people who wake up first.

However, Ga-hyun was the first to wake up despite Jae-young’s warning. Afterwards, Gahyun received contact from Yeonsu and the two of them faced each other. In the past, Yeonsu was in trouble after a hit, and she told her that she witnessed the accident next to Daesung. In response, Gahyun said, “Both are the same murderers.” But Yeon-soo said, “Do you have any evidence? Is she hypnotized? Leeshin. Don’t believe her too much. She said she dialed randomly. But what happened. “Warned.

Ga-hyun, facing a shocking truth, convened resetters. At the gathering of resetters, Ga-hyun revealed about the incident between herself and the trainee. At that time, Hyung-ju appeared late and reported that Yeonsu was dead. Then he told Gahyeon, “There is something to investigate about the death of Mr. Seo Yeon-su. Please join us.”

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