Sue is shooting magazine ‘Esquire’ in August, and it is not only a gorgeous props but also a picture of a chic concept with her own feeling.

Especially, the wisdom has been able to digitize various costumes, as well as to deepen the look and the charm of an alluring, overwhelming the atmosphere, has led to the resilience of the shooting staff.

In addition, Ssigi said, “I think the time has passed really fast. I do not feel well, “he said about his testimony on the 5th anniversary of his debut on August 1.

“I still shake when I show something new (on stage). But if I was scared of the past, I now have a pleasant tremble like, ‘This is the day I show my world what I have prepared.’ ”

On the other hand, an interview with a picture and a truthful story to see the colorful appearance of the wisdom can be seen in the August issue of ‘Esquire’ and the official website.

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