Berry Berry is a trend magazine, “Indeed” through a sophisticated charm and unique atmosphere, a unique view of the summer finished in a cool view.

In the public image image, Berry Berry is a trendy sporty look that shows Berry Berry ‘s free – spirited appearance and poses and emanates a charm. In addition, it showed a perfect visual and caught my eye.

In another image, Berry Berry stares at the front with a charismatic look or gentle glance against the background of blue tones. Seven colors are displayed in seven colors to harmonize with the mysterious atmosphere of the Berry Berry has also brought out.

With this trendy feeling, this picture of Berry Berry can be seen through ‘Indeed’ VOl.3.

On the other hand, Berry Berry, who opened a variety of contents including various comeback teaser images and album track list continuously, released her first single album ‘VERI-CHILL’ on the 31st and released her first album titled ‘Tag Tag Tag’ .

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