SBS ‘Absolute Guy’ of Hong Jonghyun was full of excitement,

Hong Jong-hyun, who gives a new charm to Korea’s top star ‘Ma Wang Jun’ in the SBS drama ‘Absolute Guy’ (play Yonghyuk Moon, Jean Ami / Directed by Director), adds fun to the drama. The warm side of ‘Maang An-jun’, which is just a rough and dodgy, and the ambassadors who can feel the heart are making the viewers ‘heartbeat’.

▶ One time. “I’m really good at working with you in the future, are not you?

Then we’ll call your name on the stage. Um, Dada, she’s my girl, ”

Secret Love in the early eomda Dawa, the first representing the devil who sincerely

In the seventh year, a top secret star, Ma Wang Jun (Hong Jong Hyun) and a special dressmaker Eumsada (Bang Min Aina), who had a secret relationship with him for the seventh year, gradually cooled his heart as time passed. On the day of Wang Jun’s film awards, Dada recalled what he had said in the past. Two people who could not make a date easily because of entertainers enjoyed making a dress and having a date at an amusement park. At the end of the date, Junjun sat on the bench and said, “Tada. Did you just marry me? ” And “I am really good at working with you in the future. Then we’ll call your name on the stage. She said, “Well, that woman is my girl.” Now that he is in the best position, he seems to be as cunning and angry as he could feel the warmth behind him.

▶ 9 times. “If you wake up, you are afraid of being away from you for another day.

I never really thought I broke up with you. Now come back to me. This is my sincere heart. ”

It is the situation that everything is dreamed to him, and it is the condition that it was kept by the side of King Jun who fell by the body. When I realized that Wang Jun had been threatened, I asked him why he did not tell him. “Are you okay? What did he do to you? “The first thing he asked was his impression. “I wanted to say. But I could not say. I’ll explain why you did not say, “I’m going to get hurt.” But if you get up and go to sleep, you’ll be far away for another day. I guess I really miss you. Tada, I never really thought I’d broke up with you. I just thought I’d be away from each other for a while. So come back to me now. This is my sincere heart. This scene leads to the internal cheering of the viewers, and it becomes the scenery of 9 times broadcasting.

▶ 10 times. “Tada, can not you give me one more chance?

I do not want a lot. Do not get too far away from me like this. I was able to catch you again “I was rejected as a proposal but do not give up,

Wang Jun who regretted his farewell to Dada, gradually realized his mind and finally made a proposal with confidence. However, Dada refused to propose that he saw his heart in King Jun’s eyes the day he said farewell. So, Wang Jun, who was worried about her manager, Hwa Jung Sook, waited for the day to confess her mind with the message that she was going to give up Dada. As time went by, the day after the drama concept meeting, Tada and I were left alone. I can not be without you. Tada. Can not you give me one more chance? I do not want a lot. Do not get too far away from me like this. I can catch you again. ” Until now, he has never shown a weakness, and since he has never asked for it, his hearty ambassador has turned the hearts of viewers.

In this way, Hong Jong Hyun gradually captures the ancestral theater by revealing gradually the pure heart of Jericho hidden behind the seemingly crazier and tortuous appearance. In addition, it shows delicate and deeply drawn emotional lines of ‘Ma Wang Jun’, which changes with each passing session, and adds a sense of dimension to characters. During the remaining broadcast, Hong Jong-hyun will draw a colorful charm of the character ‘Ma Wang Jun’ and the love story of the triangle relationship is gathered, and the broadcasting of the next week is expected more.

On the other hand, the SBS drama ‘Absolute Guy’, in which Hong Jong Hyun ‘s Myeong – Hyun Jung is making people’ s hearts throbbing, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 pm. (End)

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