MBC Every One ‘Korean Foreigner’ will be broadcasted at 8:30 pm on the 7th.

Actor Hwang Bo-ra, who was loved for her debut in 2003 and crossed the positives and sitcoms, appeared in various entertainment programs as well as an attractive talk. In particular, Hwang Bo, who was transferred to the same company as acting actor Ha Jung-woo last year and ate Hanpot rice, was attracted attention as the head of the walking school, a group created by Ha Jung-woo.

Hwang Bo-ra, who was recognized as a ambassador for walking through the YouTube channel or various media of her agency, did not miss the promotion of the walking school. MC Kim Yong-man asked, “How many steps did you walk a day?” Hwangbo said, “I walked up to 80,000 steps.” Departed at 9 am and returned at 10 pm. I walked for about 16 hours. ” “I lost about 3kg, but after walking, I had a big dinner and I was stealing.”

In addition, as a member of ‘Walking School’ recently, we received inquiries about joining Chung Woo-sung and Kim Nam-gil. Huangbo said, “Walk school is just a walk in the spear. Anyone can join ”and encouraged to join walking school. So, Park Myung-su, the team leader of the Korean team, asked, “What kind of reactions do you see if you walk for a long time?” Also, if you continue to walk silently, your legs will loosen naturally, and the butterfly steps will come out naturally. ”

On the other hand, MC Kim Yong-man asked the actor Jung Lee, who appeared on the day, “Which of the two are you going to go to a higher level?” It was rumored to have been exposed to the hole of the Korean team in an instant.

Hwangbora will be able to break the expectations of everyone and show their reversal skills through Wednesday, August 7, at 8:30 pm on MBC Everyone ‘Korean Foreigners’.

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