Actor Jin Seon-Kyu has reportedly received emergency surgery herniated disc to worsen. As a result, the film production of the film ‘Cancer’, which was about to be released, was canceled, and there was a slight disruption in the shooting of the movie ‘Victory’.

An official in the film industry said on July 18, Jinsun Kyu had an emergency operation on July 17 and is currently in hospital because of the “lumbar disc herniation” condition, often referred to as a waist disc. The official said, “I had a back injury like a chronic disease but recently I have been told that my activity schedule has increased and it has deteriorated sharply.”

Jon Seon-Kyu is on a sudden operation schedule and the production announcement of the horror film ‘Mine War’, scheduled for July 23, announced the cancellation. A related official of the ‘Cancer Exhibition’ said, “I plan to advance the media and distribution trend ahead of production presentation.” The film ‘Cancer’, co-starring Jinsun Kyu and the calligraphy, will be released on August 15.

On the other hand, the movie ‘Victory Ho’, which has attracted much attention as anticipated work, was also disrupted. In regard to this, an official of ‘Victory Hall’ said, “I will adjust the shooting schedule in the future by observing the progress of surgery (Jinsun)”.

Chun Seon-Kyu has become a major actress in the movie “Extreme Profession.” He has acted as an actor in the Chungmu Role, including four works in theater, including “Sabaha”, “Long Revere King”, “Romance” Is rapidly emerging.

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