Actor Jung Tae-woo releases an episode from his childhood role. He will not only witness the top star’s devotees, but will also give a big laugh by telling anecdotes that he has compromised with the drama director.

The high-end talk show MBC ‘Radio Star’ (planned Kim Gu-san / Director Choi Haeng-ho, Kim Ji-woo), scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday night on Wednesday, 28th 28th, was good at ‘Tteok-leaf’ featuring Ha Chun-hwa, Jung Tae-woo, Oh My Girl Seung-hee and Han Tae-woong. ‘ Decorated with a special feature.

Jung Tae-woo presents fun with episodes of Childhood. He made his debut at a young age of six, and then became a topic of acting prodigy. He first confesses the devotees of the top stars of the time. Even among them, there are some couples who are even married to amplify their curiosity.

Jung Tae-woo also raises her curiosity when she learns how to compromise with a drama director when she is in elementary school. He even heard the drama director say “It’s Toray!” Thanks to a special compromise skill. In addition, he continues the subtitle episode, telling why he was forced to play tears at the time.

Jeong Tae-woo, who is also famous as a “ wang professional actor, ” confesses that he does not like Jong-no. As he was surprised by his unexpected confession, which he had done only three times of discontinued acting, he picked out his favorite king and raised his curiosity.

On the other hand, Jung Tae-woo says that she is currently living as a ‘natural person’. He is immersed in ‘this’ enough to use his wife’s nagging. In particular, he said that he seized his eyes with unusual visuals such as dark skin and gorgeous clothes.

Jung Tae-woo also sheds light on episodes of all time. He surprised everyone by riding horses in the past for a game. At that time, the photo was released as if the king was crying out, attracting everyone’s attention.

Jung Tae-woo confesses that he is popular among his sons and friends. Renowned as a father with two handsome sons, he will even laugh as he tells a story of his son’s friend and brother.

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