MBC’s monthly drama ‘Welcome 2 Life’, which aired on the 12th, reveals the complex history of Zion (Lim Ji-yeon) little by little, while at the same time, digging into the case for the victim who reminds him of it.

On this day, Zion played an important role in the center of the family, mediating from her early morning, seeing her daughter Bona (Lee Soo-a) and her husband, Jae-hoon Jung. He then went on to buy used fairy tales for his daughter, Bona, and was outraged by the resentment of not looking for a child. However, in the scene where she taught her exercise and showed her lovely eyes, she gave her viewers an excitement rather than charisma.

On the other hand, Zion’s complex past history was revealed little by little, creating a chewy tension with Jang Do-sik (son Byung-ho) who came across by chance and an unusual atmosphere. Jang Do-sik scratched his nerves, acting as if he ignored Zion, but Zion responded with unfamiliar eyes, making him fight with his hands to make him sweat.

Investigating the disappearance of a blind father seeking a missing daughter. Zion thought of his past as he waited for his daughter and hoped not to return, and decided to find her somehow, but in the end only her severed right hand returned.

Here, Lim Ji-yeon showed a lovely figure while having a happy daily life with her family, while creating an atmosphere that was as vivid as when he was confronted with Son Byeong-ho of Jang Do-sik, the enemy’s foe. In addition, in the scene of mourning the incident victim’s mind like their own work, they made the mind of the viewers crying and raised the level of immersion.

Lim Ji-yeon once again demonstrates a broad spectrum of acting through ‘Welcome 2 Life’. As the past history of the Lazion character is revealed little by little, much expectation is gathered for his future performance.

Meanwhile, MBC ‘Welcome 2 Life’ starring Lim Ji-yeon is broadcasted at 8:55 pm every Monday and Tuesday.

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