In MBC ‘I live alone’ broadcasted yesterday (12th), Sung-hoon’s filming of the Singapore pictorial picture was revealed, and he snatched the courtesy of the an avant-garde theater with a professional look to endure the heat of the hot sun.

On this day, Seong-hoon gained a look that focused on all the people on the beach. It shows the beauty of Matsuno who makes him look at him from the locals to the tourists once and for all regardless of sex. To make this appearance, I adjusted my diet and started exercising. A solid abs with a button that was unfolded unflinchingly provoked female viewers with the results that they endured to eat.

In particular, he showed off his professionalism in the shaded beaches. For the perfect picture, the hot sand was barefooted, and the photographer was able to withstand the heat heavier with thick clothes, which led to the admiration of the photographer.

In addition, at the dinner that came after the filming, Seonghun revealed the devotion he had endured. All the food is twice as much as the staff, and the food is so perfect that you do not have to do the dishes.

As such, Seonghun sparked a charm that attracted more and more, and it gleamed Friday night. I’m already looking forward to seeing how it looks at the second round of Singapore Daily next Friday (19th).

Sung-hoon’s real life can be met at MBC ‘I Live Alone’, which is broadcasted at 11:15 pm every Friday night.

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