On the 30th, Shin Dongmy posted a caption of his netizen comment along with “I am really grateful, I was really scared and shivered” through his instagram.

“I am deeply enthusiastic about these words today and I am deeply enthusiastic about it.” I am very grateful, I am deeply grateful, I am sorry I have not made many other comments, I will keep all comments in my heart.

Shin Dongmyun has made all of us disappointed by telling the truth that he has never been able to reveal his long anonymous life, test tube failure, malignant tumors while challenging his first lecture in SBS ‘Sangmyongmyon2 – You My Destiny’ broadcast on the 29th.

In the broadcast, Shin Dong-mi said, “It was cancer, and the sky was falling down.” In the meantime, the examinations that I had prepared so hard that I wanted to have a child also failed. I could not concentrate on acting. I was disappointed in myself. ”

He assured viewers and panelists that he is “in need of follow-up and is being screened every three months” for the current condition.

In the confession of Shin Dong-mi, the netizens “are not looking to decorate or show, but they look very comfortable and genuine. “I’ll cheer you! I want to see you for a long time, Shin Dong-mi.” “You’ll win the future ~ Fighting!” And sent a message of warm support.

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