Actor Gam Woo-sung revealed the pictorial of the autumn sensibility through the fashion magazine ‘Nobless Man September’.

Gam Woo-sung in the photo shows a sophisticated and autumn-looking look and shows the image of ‘People’s Face’ with different grades. In addition, Gam Woo Sung is a rumor that he has admired those who show heavy presence with their unique deep eyes and delicate expressions of emotions.

In an interview with the photo shoot, Gam Woo-sung said that he was waiting for a work that would make the best of his acting life.

Meanwhile, Gam Woo-sung, who played the main character Do Hoon at JTBC’s “ Wind Blow ”, which ended last month, was acclaimed by stimulating viewers’ heartfelt and heartfelt emotions every time with the delicate acting power of the title of ‘Melo Artisan’.

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