Kwak Siyang, who has shown no boundaries in film and drama, has transformed himself into a light driving cab of ‘Welcome 2 Life’ and informed viewers of the return.

‘Welcome 2 Life’ is a romantic comedy investigation in which a malicious lawyer who pursued only his own interests is sucked into a parallel world by accident and opens up with an upright prosecutor. It rose to 6.1% (three times 5.3% and four times 6.8%) of the national average viewers in the 3rd and 4th times, and remained the No. 1 drama series.

It is a situation where viewers are getting hot reactions through the accompaniment of actresses traveling in parallel worlds, harmony of luxury productions and scripts. Kwak Siyang has a charisma of a character called “ Sungbul ” because of the nature of fire.

In the previous ‘Welcome 2 Life’, the lawyer Jae-sang Lee (Jeong-hoon Jung), who is a well-known lawyer, was notified of Lazion (Lim Ji-yeon) with a special text such as Dong-taek Kwak in the parallel world. The unfolding foot quickly unfolded until the figure resolved The relationship between the tense events and the characters portrayed in the development of cider made the viewer more immersed.

Lee Jae-sang dug up the case with a special copy and a team team dedicated to missing kidnapped by Dong-taek as the team leader to correct Hong Woo Food’s Shin Jung-hye (Seo Lee-suk) kidnapped Seo Young-joo. He tracked events in the parallel world using information from the real world and was embarrassed by subtle changes but saved the situation of the actual event with the record of the location of the mobile phone, a new clue in the parallel world.

Lee Dong-taek, a senior of the special book and a team leader of the strong world, protected it from the back of Lazion, and showed the bold and serious appearance of Lee Jae-sang, also known as the ‘conical barrel’ with the straightness that does not pass through the fiery temper in the case.

Kwak Siyang implicitly captures the subtle feelings, not only pulling the development of a thrilling event into stable acting, but also the tenderness in the eyes of Zion.

Kwak Yang Yang presents her endless acting transformation through various characters.

The voices of the bass, warm looks, and details are revealed in the CRT with a more mature appearance in ‘Welcome 2 Life’. In the drama that tells the two lives, I hope to see how Ji-Hoon, Lim Ji-yeon and Ji-Hoon Lim will show their feelings, from the sharpness to the painfulness of the captain.

Meanwhile, MBC ‘Welcome 2 Life’ is broadcasted at 8:55 every Monday and Tuesday.

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