In MBC Every One ‘Korean Foreigner’, which is broadcasted on August 14th at 8:30 pm, the symbolic actor Kim Bo-sung, middle-aged actress Lee Jung-yong, and actor Subin from girl group Dalshabet will play a quiz.

Subin made her debut as a girl group Dalshabet in 2011 and made her name known to the public by appearing in various performing arts with her unique and youthful charm. Since then, he has expanded his activities as an actor, and has recently been performing in the daily drama ‘Mysterious Mother-in-law’.

Soo-bin, who is also a singer-songwriter for ‘Dal Su-bin Band’, revealed a special acquaintance with actress Kim Bo-sung. Subin said, “In the first performance, senior Kim Bo-sung came to bring a bouquet and shouted loyalty on the stage. When Kim Bo-sung’s senior came up, it became a Kim Bo-sung concert in a moment, and the audience liked it very much. ”

In addition, Subin said, “I was nervous because it was my first performance, but thanks to my seniors, I was relaxed a lot.” Kim Bo-sung said, “I found out that the acquaintances were intertwined, and Subin was really loyal and courteous junior.”

It is possible to check whether Subin can show good results by the power of righteousness through Wednesday, August 14 at 8:30 pm MBC Everyone ‘Korean Foreigner’.

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