On June 8, the gifted young man held his first solo fan meeting “BEGIN AGAIN” at Akasaka Blitz Hall, the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

Fan meetings were held at 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm on this afternoon and were filled with fans from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Americas and South America. Around the Blitz Hall, fans had to purchase official Goodies for about an hour before the fan meeting began, and fans with names and faces of the gifted. Gifted students experienced hot local reactions such as interviews with influential media such as Japan TBS and Mnet Japan before the fan meeting.

The gifted person opened the poem with “Another night” which is the title song of the first solo album “fancy”. The fans who met the gifted on stage for a long time cheered at his sophisticated performance. He continued his warm-hearted mood by telling the behind-the-scenes story of LA’s location in the United States, where he filmed the music video of the song and the album jacket from the background where he chose “An Night Knight” as his title song.

As a solo, not a member of the group, the gifted, who first met overseas fans, made efforts to communicate directly with their fans. When I was in the corner to answer the questions of the audience, I went downstage and talked with fans who asked questions. The gifted student was with the official interpreter, but he has been impressed with the answers he has gently answered with his Japanese skill.

The gifted, then, showed up at the request of fans who wanted to see his performances, and presented cover dances of famous singers from Korea and Japan randomly selected. In addition, there was also a corner where the selected audience was invited on the stage through a lottery and a contest was held with the gifted.

The gifted youngsters prepared for this fan meeting and paid particular attention to the stage composition. It was a proving that we could fill the stage alone. Gifted children, such as the first solo album ‘Gravity’, ‘Gift’, ‘HOPE’ and fully lined up in the live stage and led to a shout like ure. In particular, the performance of ‘Gravity’, which uses a standing microphone, was responded to as a ‘previous generation’.

In addition, Gifu concluded the fan meeting twice by calling Japanese “Rainy Blue” as an encore song after Japanese popular song “Saigono Ame”. Fans who filled the audiences on the first and second floors were surprised at the card section that simultaneously reads the paper “Giftedness, Not Alone” to moisten the eyes of the gifted.

The gifted student said, “The title of ” Beginning Again ” is a promise to stand on stage as a gifted young person with a heart that ‘I will debut again’.” Through new music, performance, and various activities, I will show you a gifted person who works harder. ”

Meanwhile, Gifu has successfully completed fan meetings in Korea and Japan, and plans to host various TV programs and fan meetings and performances in the Americas and Asia.

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