Song Eun-yi said that she produced a music video for Celebrity Five’s song ‘I Haven’t Seen’.

On MBC’s ‘All-in-One Point of View’ broadcast on the afternoon of the 21st, Song Eun-yi and Kim Shin-young watched Ong Sung-woo’s music video shooting scale and compared it to the celebrity five ‘I haven’t seen eyes’ music video.

Song Eun-i said, “We also recorded a music video, but the scale is different. The rental fee for the place is 45,000 won.” However, Kim Shin-young said, “Snack cost at that time was 78,000 won and dinner cost was 200,000 won.”

Ong Sung-woo asked, “Isn’t the number of hits still good?” Song Eun-yi said, “It’s not bad. Over 1.7 million views.”

On the other hand, the ‘whole view of omniscient’ is a full-fledged entrepreneur who observes the secret daily life that the star did not even know, by receiving the unspeakable grievances of the closest managers of celebrities, and discovers the hidden charm of the star through verification and meddle of the corps gathered in various fields. It is an entertainment program. It is broadcast every Saturday at 11:05 pm.

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