Bandit’s Lee Yeon and Seung-eun sang SES’s “ Just A Feeling ” and applauded the voice of an oriole. Lee Yeon and Seung-eun, who expressed their ambition to be a memorable girl group to people, the public, and fans like SES, also released SES’s ‘I Love You’ and ‘Running’.

Dia Eunchae and Jueun were proud of the rap skills they had hidden in the mythical ‘Angel’ stage. Ju Eun said, “I am a fan of mythology and I feel comfortable listening to this song.”

April Chaekyung and Jinsol said, “I had learned a lot of dance as a trainee. ‘Eternal love’, ‘to my boyfriend’ and learned a little bit, “he said ‘everlasting love’ choreography and ‘to my boyfriend’ live short.

“April was the fourth anniversary of April. So I went on a day trip. I hope we can come to the ‘Camping Club’ later on the 21st anniversary. ”

Park girl Lena Ann sang ‘Czek’ of Zekskis and created a warm atmosphere. After completing the stage, Anne said, “It was new to prepare (stage) and it was good to know the songs of the seniors one by one.” Rena said, “It was not like this generation but I felt like traveling together.”

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