As soon as MBC ‘I-Mong’ came in with a share of 8.77%, it ranked second in the overall drama, according to the data from Good Data Corp. Everyone who showed up in the house theater was the first one in the weekend drama topic and the second place in the drama, and announced the birth of a luxury drama. Considering that TVN ‘s’ private life ‘is over the middle and SBS’ s ‘mung bean flower’ has fallen two places from last week, it is expected to increase the topic of ‘I – mong’ for the time being. MBC’s ‘Special Labor Supervisor Cho Jangpoong’ was ranked 4th, TVN’s ‘Sa Comet Li Guy’ ranked 5th, and TVN’s ‘Abys’ showing this week ranked 6th.

MBC’s special project “I-mong”, which took the top spot on the first episode of the weekly drama and ranked 2nd in the overall drama, and the birth of the luxury drama, was armed with a Korean-born doctor Lee Young-jin It is a spy action drama spreading by Kim Won-bong, director of the secret society. The movie ‘I’m Mine’, which shows movies, shows off the breath, the actors’ hot acting, and Kim Hee-ho to Park Eun-tae, which are heavy-hearted impressions of the ending credit’s independent investment exposition,

In particular, Lee Young-jin (Lee Yoon-won) shocked Kim Won-bong (Yoo Tae-won), who was looking for a temporary government, Lee Young-jin, who is walking in a different direction toward the same dream as Independence, is showing interest in the hot story to be drawn together with Kim Won-bong.

MBC’s’ I’m Mong ‘side,’ the future of Lee Young-jin and Kim Won-bong’s full-fledged story of ‘idol moon’ unfolds, “and in particular, this week’s broadcast will be more gorgeous action and the deep feelings between the main characters will be revealed. “He said.

MBC’s special project ‘I’m Mine’ is directed by Yun Sang-ho, director of ‘Iris’ series, directed by Lee Yowon, Yoo Jae Tae, Im Ju-hwan, Nam Kyu Ri, It is the best anticipated work of 2019 that writer coincided. It is broadcast every Saturday night at 9:05 pm.

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