‘Night of the evil’ Kim Ji-min and the mountains showed a cool response to the evil.

On the 12th broadcast JTBC2 ‘Night of the Eve’, gang woman Kim Ji Min and B1A4 mountains appeared and talked. On that day, Kim Ji Min first read the evil. Her evil was mostly intellectual evil. She ‘pretends to be like a monster is pretty’, ‘jaw is bread level. “I do not admit it,” he said. Kim Ji-min said, “All of my family members have a square face and my mother is famous in the community.”

After the appearance of the mother who appeared in other broadcasts, the cast members admitted, “It looks just like my mother.” Kim Ji-min said, “I lost my weight and got a jaw line. Shin Dong-yeop said, “It became more and more evil with the release of the past photos.” Kim Ji-min said, “It’s the same if you blindfold.” “I had double eyelids at high school.

“I often played pretty,” she said in an affair, “not funny gaggam.” “It’s been a lot quicker than my colleagues. Kim said, “There are two ugly and pretty roles in the world of comedian.” Shin Dong-yeop expressed his regret, saying, “It’s like a dilemma of gag-women.” Next, the mountains recited the evil. He admitted that he was “the top three in idol appearance” and “he was too ugly”.

The cast members who saw the pictures of the mountains in the past laughed, “It is so cute.” “The eyebrows were so small that my glasses were so high that I did not know that my eyes were as big as now,” the mountains said. She also revealed that her mother recommended the surgery. The mountains revealed an anecdote of the fan who was angry at his life. He said, “I went to a pizza house with a manager, and there was a school girl.” One person recognized me and talked to my friends. A friend said, “My brother is not like that.” He said, “I’ve been playing musicals for seven years and I have been listening to them steadily.” “I can not stand if I do not have the ability to do it.

“If you look at these comments, I still think I’m scarce,” he said. Particularly, the mountains call the song ‘Now Mind’ live in the musical ‘Iron Mask’ and the cast members received a standing ovation. The mountains are the most annoying comments of DJs in the past. He said, “After I became a DJ, my listening rate rose vertically.” Kim said, “It is hard for the radio audience to get higher (the mountains are doing really well).”

‘Night of Evil’ is broadcast every Friday at 8 pm.

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