On Jan. 3, MBC’s Bae Chul-soo Jam starred Lee Jang-hee and Jung Mi-jo as their first guests.

Lee Jang-hee is Korea’s first-generation singer-songwriter and an eternal icon of youth culture.

Jung Mi-jo debuted in 1972 as ‘Gaeyeoul’ and became a top star with an elegant voice and western appearance. After retiring to study abroad, Jung Mi-jo released his new album in 2016 while serving as an American professor for a while. ‘Dog ford’ was once again subject to IU remake.

Bae Chul-soo, who listened to Lee Jang-hee’s representative song ‘That’s you,’ said, “At that time, the lyrics were metaphorical and poetic. Lee Jang-hee said, “Why do you use written language in foreign countries? I wanted to use the words in real life.

An anecdote with Cho Youngnam was also revealed. Cho Young-nam, who was an uncle’s friend, had dried up becoming a singer. Lee Jang-hee said, “(Cho Young-Nam) was playing the guitar so cool. So I started playing the guitar. But Jang-hee, you don’t sing.”

Jung Mi-jo told an anecdote with Patty Kim. Jung Mi-jo said, “I did a show when I was a college student. I was singing first because I was a student, but Patti Kim called me. I did not allow outside activities, so I graduated and appeared on TV. ”

Lee Jang-hee’s representative song ‘It’s You’ and ‘A Cup of Memories’ were both forbidden songs. ‘It’s you’ because of responsibility transfer, ‘Memories of a cup’ was forbidden for drinking. In addition, the ‘burned out window’ promotes affairs, and ‘I am 19 years old’ is said to be decadent and banned.

Bae Chul-soo has also become a banned song, and he said, “The song” Lovers “has the lyrics,” I think everyone who loves is a fool. “It was deliberated.

Lee Jang-hee, who was at the height of his popularity, controversial in 1975 with a cannabis wave. Jeong Mi-jo regretted, “Did you fold everything and went abroad. I was very sorry. I was able to be active.” I looked back at the entertainment world. I wanted to stop it. ”

Park Jae-jung presented ‘Smalled Window’, ‘A Cup of Memories’, and ‘It’s You’ Medley. Park Jae-jung, “I’m a pioneer of the emotions I pursue. I have always respected,” he was thrilled to meet President Lee Jang-hee and Jung Mi-jo. Regarding the impression of Lee Jang-hee’s song, he said, “Emotional writing that my peers do not feel is novel and I wanted to write it like this.” Park Jae-jeong recently listened to Jung Mi-jo’s songs. Park admired, “I longed for your pronunciation. It’s too classy and elegant.”

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