Baek Jong-won shed tears at the news of Wonju’s cancer fight against President Kalguksu. Mr. Baek Jong-won’s heart was torn because the boss had lost one of his sons in the past and lost his job in the market fire accident.

SBS ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, broadcasted on the 18th, was featured as a special feature for crisis management.

Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant, where you have met 81 stores in 21 alleys. Baek Jong-won said, “There will be stores that have been in crisis due to corona.”

Seongju Kim said, “There are four major problems for shops facing a crisis.” If there is a difficulty in running the store due to a problem in the top, the fourth is a case where the store has to be left due to an increase in rent. “

On that day, Baek Jong-won went to Incheon and Kim Seong-ju, Jung In-sun, went to Wonju-ro to Wonju.

The place where Kim Seong-joo and Jeong In-sun arrived was Wonju Kalguksu. There is no change in the taste and kindness of food on the SNS, but I left with anxiety because the article that the boss frequently empties the store has been posted.

Kim Sung-joo, Jeong In-sun, was surprised to see the article “Closed for one week” at the door of the store. Inside, the boss was arranging the store ahead of the suspension. The appearance of the boss has changed a little. When I took off the mask, I saw the appearance of the boss wearing a hat firmly. The boss said, “Corona, and my body wasn’t cool, so I put a break to rest for a week. I had a bad thing. I had surgery. Go to Seoul. I got cancer. I think I know all of my customers because I wear a hat. The customers are wondering. I tried to hide and go over it, but I think I know it. The customers are suspicious. “

Then, “If the guests ask, ‘Are you healthy?’ As I go to the hospital, ”he said.

“I am so happy in my life. Thanks to all of you, I was really happy. The customers were worried about being healthy, and they were happy to say that it was delicious even if it was not delicious. It was so comfortable to put it all down,” he laughed. Rather, he said to Jung In-seon, who shed tears, saying, “I’m really okay.”

Seongju Kim said, “There’s been a lot of work.” When Baek Jong-won noticed the news, the boss said, “It’s okay. The national team. You’re laughing like this. Delivered.

Baek Jong-won shed tears when he said, “It’s really like the world.” That’s why the boss lost his son in an accident by falling into the water, and the Wonju store was the place where the pain was caused by a fire accident. Fighting cancer was another bad luck for the boss, who tried to live hard again before planting. Baek Jong-won said, “There will be good things in the future.”

On this day, three people, Baek Jong-won, Seong-joo Kim and In-sun Jeong, first visited the cold noodle house in the boarding alley in Cheongpa-dong. Baek Jong-won said, “There were a lot of stories about naengmyeon being plain. The taste of the sashimi has changed because it is not ripening well. My heart aches and I want to check it out.”

The cold noodle restaurant that moved from the original place said, “I was in the process of preparing for moving before going out on the air. After the broadcast, the business was going well, so even after raising the rent, I moved a little more and finally moved.” The whole surface itself is missing from the menu. The president explained, “The days when I’m hot noodles don’t have cold noodles, so there are a lot of customers who want to eat cold noodles, so I took it out.”

Baek Jong-won, who tasted saengnaeng-myeon, said, “What I ate at the first tasting was the sashimi that was ripened well. It is now a regular saengmyeon-myeon restaurant serving ripe kimchi. “There is no such thing,” he said, “he said he was not greedy for business and then sold 100 bowls a day, so he sold 300 to 400 bowls in the summer.” Baek Jong-won said, “There is nothing special about Naengnyeonmyeon right now. Customers don’t hate it in front. On SNS, we have to pass it on. We have to extend the maturation period from now on. Let’s get ready for summer and it will be good. “

Subsequently, Baek Jong-won started as the mayor of Sinpo, Incheon. It is a place that is vulnerable in winter due to trailer sales and is experiencing difficulties while overlapping with corona.

Baek Jong-won was nervous once again in the busy commercial district. Baek Jong-won, who heard from the macaroon shop, praised the macaron with a more advanced taste. The owner said, “It’s a winter business, but it’s cold, so there aren’t any more customers. I’m looking at the past. I want to set up a dessert cafe.” Baek Jong-won encouraged, “It would be better to sell it with warm coffee.”

Next door ‘Baekbaragi’, President of Square Kimbap, told Baek Jong-won about his relocation. President Nemo Kimbab said, “The sales were too low, so I was looking for a store to move from January.” Baek Jong-won said, “It will not be easy.”

Baek Jong-won, who visited the store that the boss looked at, was surprised to learn that there are four gimbap houses. “There are four gimbap restaurants, but when you enter this house, there are five. It’s not too much. You can win the competition, but avoid unnecessary competition. It’s a problem because there are too many self-employed people,” he said. Then, he said, “There are many furniture in the 4000-family apartment complex with children of 30 pyeong. It is not recommended. It is better near the building company.”

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