Weekly Idol will release DAY6’s artistic sense before 5th mini-album ‘The Book of Us: Gravity’ will be released through MBC Everlon and MBC Music Simultaneous Broadcast on 5th.

On this day, DAY6 (DAY Six) heard emotional music with Jeff Bernet’s ‘Call You Mine’ and Tamia’s ‘Officially Missing You’. In addition to this, I also set up a special stage for ‘Weekly Ah’ only. MC Jo Seo-ho, Nam Chang-hee (Zhou Nam Zhae), and ‘Zu: A (Emperor’s Children)’ where MC Gwang Hee belonged.

DAY6 (Dyeths) ‘s sad feelings,’ Where are you right now ‘to open the door, MC Cho Seo Ho and Nam Chang-hee, “It’s better than the original song” did not spare praise. Also seeing the stage of ‘aftereffect’, which was reborn in the style of DAY6 (DAY Six), MC Gwang-hee said, “I thought it was not a song of Imperial children. We are going to do our best, “he said. ZE: A (Imperial Children) members were recalled.

In addition, DAY6 (Dyethes) has not been able to show the sense of art. DAY6 (DAY Six) member Jay who worried about the fans with usual sick image hits the badminton shuttlecock on the watermelon, and it is the back door that made the scene into laughing sea by breaking the image of the disease with the extraordinary show that no one thought.

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