Chae Soo-bin finally noticed the identity of Jeong Hae-in, and Jeong Hae-in’s first love, Park Joo-hyun, was in danger in Norway.

In the second episode of tvN’s new monthly drama ‘Banui-ban’ (played by Lee Sook-yeon / Director Kim Hui-sang-yeop), which was broadcast on March 24, apologizes to Kim Ji-soo (Park Joo-hyun) who tried to make Han Seo-woo (Chae Su-bin) meet House (Jung Ha-in). did.

On this day, Han Seo-woo tried to get her to meet with the House of Representatives without asking Kim Ji-soo’s opinion, and when she learned this, Kim Ji-soo asked Han Seo-woo, “Do you know what the last words I heard from the House? If you are unhappy, call me. If you are unhappy, I will not contact you.” He said, “I’m sorry.”

Subsequently, Han Seo-woo kicked the House of Representatives to Moon Soon-ho, who knows the House well. In a word of Kim Ji-soo, when I heard that the House of Representatives came from the United States and have been in Korea so far, I sympathized with tears.

Han Seo-woo, who is ignorant of the fact that the identity of the House of Representatives is Dawn, tells the story of the House and Kim Ji-soo, who met by chance in front of the studio. Han Seo-woo expressed his pity by saying, “Now I’m not trying to get in between the two. The man named House is too pitiful. It’s like me.”

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives received a message that Kim Ji-su had something to say and recalled the past when she came to Korea from the United States. During the class, he bought a ticket to Korea and came to Korea, where Kim Ji-soo went, and Kim Ji-soo, who saw the House, said there was something to say.

Kim Ji-soo surprised the House by saying, “I’m getting married.” Soon, the House of Representatives expressed a tender heart, saying, “I’ll still love you.” After the recall, the House of Representatives called Kim Ji-soo to meet again, but Kim Ji-soo refused.

Meanwhile, Han Seo-woo sent a text message to Kim Ji-su if he was sorry, and Kim Ji-soo met Han Seo-woo saying it was nearby. After meeting with Han Seo-woo, Kim Ji-soo said, “I’ve had courage to talk to Mr. Seo,” and Han-seo said, “Tell me more. I don’t care about the hard story.”

In response, Kim Ji-soo said, “Before I knew my husband, there was a mistake and a mistake. I knew it, and it was so hard for me. The world was turned over in an instant.” Do you have anything you want to hear?

When Kim Ji-soo said, “It’s okay. It’s nothing,” Han Seo-woo said, “My parents had an accident in a forest fire.

The next day, Han Seo-woo received a call from Kim Ji-soo, who said she was in Norway right now, and Kim Ji-soo said, “Won Won, I will continue to wait. Please tell Won-i to stop waiting because I’m alone in Norway.” “I said.

Kim Ji-soo said, “Hint, someone I’ve already seen.” Han Seo-woo recalled the voice and the back, guessing that the House was the dawn. 

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