The magazine “ 1st LOOK ” KCON 2019 USA SPECIAL EDITION BOOK is a special edition that is only released in LA, USA. Berry Berry has attracted attention with its bright energy and flawless visuals.

The Berry Berry in the pictorial that was released revealed the natural and casual styling perfectly in a clear and soft studio. Min-chan and Yong-seung boasted a unique chemistry in the form of a playful boy. Dongheon, Hoyoung, and Gyehyeon exude a restrained charm with deeper eyes, while Yeonho stares at the camera with a bright smile, or Kang Min poses with a book, completing a 7-color pictorial.

Berry Berry is a natural expression and pose, as if wearing my clothes perfectly digest the concept, the field staff was admired.

Berry Berry continues to be active with its Tag Tag Tag.

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