Seo Hyun-jin and La Miran allowed him to drop out in hopes of Jeong Taek-hyun’s path. This made the two men deeper.

In the 15th episode of tvN tree drama ‘Black Dog’ (played by Park Joo-yeon / Director Hwang Joon-hyuk), which was broadcasted on February 3, The figure was drawn.

In the broadcast, Go-Hae-Neul (Seo Hyun-jin) worried that one of his classmates, Hwang Bo-Tong (Jeong-Taek-hyun), was dropped out and contacted. I called him again and again but I didn’t get in touch. At the same time, Daechi Department of Education announced a list of students who want to drop out of high school this semester.

Bae Myung-soo (Lee Chang-hoon) saw this, “There are a lot of students who want to drop out this time. We were also in class. He then explained, “If you leave the class, it is a skill period, and you will go to the upper class for a week’s consultation.”

Go-heaven left Hwang Bo-tong, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I couldn’t believe it.” But usually after a few days of counseling, I didn’t go to school and worried about the sky.

In a few days, Sky met with the ordinary school student and told her to talk. Usually he was drawing a webtoon, and sky said, “If you’re drawing, can’t you drop out?”

In the meantime, Heaven met an ordinary father, who knew that his son had issued a withdrawal letter and said it was his son’s idea and supported it. In the end, heaven thought it was right to send the ordinary and decided to let him go.

The next day, after seeing the usual text that said “Thank you, Mr. Park, I’m sorry.” The two met at Hwangbotong and Chicken House. Sung-sun said to the ordinary, “I was sick that day, so I couldn’t go to the police station.

Seong-soon handed the gift to the ordinary, “Don’t wake up late without going to school, study a little bit. Be a good adult.”

In addition, last year’s high school parents visited Song Young-tae (Park Ji-hwan), a third-year student director who pushed Ikaros alone, and protested. Eventually, Ikaros voted for the abolition of existence, which resulted in the abolition of Ikaros.

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