Singers boA (Her name Kwon Boa · 32) appear and perform their intense performances, and they awaken from their dreams as if they are awake.

Like a mannequin, the expressionless face revives.

BoA new song ‘Woman’ (WOMAN) is a music video story. ‘Asian Star’ BoA returned to her regular 9th album ‘Woman’ on the 24th. The 18th anniversary of his debut is nothing but manners. Boa opened a showcase at SM Town in COEX at Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul and introduced the work process during that time.

It may be difficult to sing a stately feminine prize in Korean society. Although it is now 2018, the asymmetry of gender power remains. An attempt to modify asymmetry is also an attack.

Nevertheless, Boa tried to break through the front nine.

“I think that ‘woman’ is a sensitive word.I’ve had a lot of difficulty singing and writing my own words.I personally think that man and woman are equal because man and woman are equal.Wanna think about what a great woman is and wanna be, I wanted to express my feminine image, and I wanted to write a wonderful song that could increase my self-esteem as a woman, and put on my own hypnosis. ”

BoA’s title song “Woman,” which is a lyrics, unfolds a gorgeous female actor.

“Women then did not know the time feminine that forced me down / Now you know the real need to believe that its inner surface is a strong fancy naingeol / seen it all do a real woman who have not done yet do not show told / what if kept inside, he in 2003, seventeen (Girls on Top), which was released in the same year. The girl in ‘Girls On Top’, ‘Everyone forced me to be a girl’ became a wise adult.

BoA said, “There are times when girls become more confident as they go to 40s, 20s, 30s, and 40s.

He said, “I talk a lot with my friends,” (people) why do they talk about shortcomings? I do not have so many advantages, so I do what I’m doing. “” I want to be a second person I wanted to express the dignified woman who develops and shines as it is. ”

Performance The music video is brilliant. Powerful choreography, leopard prints, and intense styling, such as blond hair, keep your eyes off. From the beginning, he appears upside down. Boa said, “You’ve seen how upset you are. I really have to keep up with your abdominal strength.” She said, “I have tried quietly to come back with a cool look. The question as to whether there is a change in dancing as the year progresses is as follows: “If the dance was strong in the teenage years, and the sutra was in the 20s, the technique improved, and now the line seems to be pretty. I probably could not dance like this. ”

In addition to the album ‘LIKE IT!’, ‘ENCOUNTER’, ‘LITTLE MORE’, ‘NOWA’, ‘IF’, ‘NO LIMIT’ (NO LIMIT), ‘GOOD LOVE’ (GOOD LOVE), and ‘habit’. Boa participated in six of these songs. Boa confessed that her own song “Kakimyee”, which she composed for composing, was a song that regained her desire for music. At the moment of listening to the demo song, he said, ‘Oh, I am the person who originally played music.’

BoA, the first generation of the Korean wave, said that it is new in seeing the progress of the young K pop singers. BoA debuted in 2000 and entered the Japanese music scene in 2001. He became the first Japanese Oricon chart with his first full-length album “Listen to my heart” in 2002. This album was the first Korean artist to record a local million seller.

“When I first went to Japan, I did not even have the word K Pop, but I was afraid, but thanks to those who cheered me on the top of Oricon, I got a lot of strength.” NCT 127, I do not think it’s easy to get good grades because the artists are working overseas, but I hope that you will send a heartfelt support to K-pop singers from now on. ”

Further, he confessed that everyone who listens to music is the driving force behind him. I am also a fan of the single ‘I turn around’ in January this year, followed by the mini album ‘One Shot, Two Shot’ in February and the regular ‘9 Woman’ in October.

“I’m always spending a lot of time behind the scenes to listen to good music, and thanks to those who are looking forward to it, I’m working hard, too.

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