JFLO Entertainment’s boy group New Kid made their debut on April 25 and celebrated their 100th debut on the 2nd.

On the 2nd, New Kidd (Jin Kwon, Ji Han Sol, Yoon Min, Woo Chul, Hui, Choi Ji An, Kang Seung Chan) revealed the recent status by posting a photo of the party scene celebrating their 100th debut on the official SNS channel.

Newkid in the picture is bright and he is celebrating the celebration of the 100 days of his debut. The lovely look and fresh vivid casual look attract the viewers’ attention.

New Kid is actively working at home and abroad with his debut album ‘NEWKIDD’ title song ‘Tueres’, and debuted in South America in two months after his debut, following two tours of Central Asia Kazakhstan in June. This year, he continued to baptize Brazil and Uruguay, followed by Argentina to prove his popularity, and Newkid, who came from Brazil, held a fan signing event for Korean fans, which is closely connected with fans. . bar is collected

while rookie boy groups coming New Kid on the 15th Korean giant festival World Festival 2019 K (2019 K -WORLD FESTA) is expected to rise with the opening performances.

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