Fostering has become a leader, not the youngest.

On the afternoon of the afternoon of 12th, there was a production presentation of ‘CJTV TV’ ‘Jeju Jung Oz’ at the Best Western Premier Seoul Garden Hotel Grand Ballroom in Dohwa-dong, Seoul, Korea. On this day, Vivoi Foster, former Boyfriend Cho Young-min, Cho Min-woo, Min-woo Tin, Ricky Teen, and model Baek Kyung-do attended.

Nursery is the youngest in BiToBi, the youngest in SBS ‘Deaconess of the deacons’, but he played the role of leader in ‘Pretty OZ’.

“I have always been my youngest, and I was always the youngest of the deacons and the deacons,” he said.

In the meantime, it seems that there is a burden and a sense of responsibility, as it is necessary to do with mind that should lead each other while relying on each other while doing with friends and do while relying on brother, while relieving burden when do brother and artistic team work. I am going to be a stepping stone when I am going to work hard in the future, and I am working with a sense of responsibility. ”

He also said, “I introduced him as a leader, but he is not a leader, so I do not follow him very well.

Meanwhile, Cube TV ‘Pretty Oz’ Is a program that draws the friendship and anxieties of male idols in the middle of the 95th birthday.

It will be broadcasted at 7pm Cube TV and K STAR on the 12th.

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