In the MBC entertainment program ‘Blindness Interview Point’, which was broadcast on the 8th, the filming episode of ‘Brother’ Yang Se-hyung and Yang Se-chan was included.

Earlier, Yang Se-hyung and Yang Se-chan’s childhood photographs gathered topics from the netizens, bringing delightful reactions such as “I can’t hear,” “I’m wrinkling in the neighborhood with mischief.” On this day, Brother Yang put on the clothes in the picture and started to recreate his childhood.

To do this, the stylist swelled across the peace market, where the relief heaven and the tombs and various fabrics were in one place, in order to find the same clothes worn by brothers.

The panel was amazed by the stylist’s passion to throw his whole body out of a pile of clothes piled up like a mountain, or to work on reforming clothes until late.

On the other hand, Yang Se-hyun said, “When I was young, there aren’t many pictures. The house burned down when I was in elementary school.

Yang Se-yeong said, “I had only two legs in my life. Once my father passed away, once my home was fired. When I went home, eight fire trucks came in. The fire next door was burning. ”

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