Singers Lee Hyo Ri, Ok Ju Hyun, Lee Jin, and Sung Yu Ri gathered in the 14th year after finishing with Kim. As time passed, their situation and personality changed, but their minds toward each other were the same.

On the 14th, JTBC entertainment program ‘Camping Club’, which was first broadcasted on the 14th, is a program that brings together special camping trips gathered back to the 21st anniversary of the debut.

As MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ was featured on ‘Toto’, memorable groups began to be summoned. In the case of Jekeskis, he is reuniting with ‘Infinite Challenge’ and active actively. HOT and god also reunited. The two groups are still proving popular enough to go on a solo concert. Among those, the group that said the public wanted a reunion was Finchle. However, the reunion of these people has been lost many times and regrets.

Have many people finally made their wishes? In 14 years, Finckle has become a ‘camping club’. Oh Joo-hyun mentioned the occasion that four people gathered through ‘Camping Club’. He said, “I was worried too much.” He said, “I thought I wanted to take out my memory once again when I was young. I wanted to feel it again.” Sung-yul Lee and Lee Hyo-ri said, “It is the first time that four minds have met. I thought that I had to go on an unconditional basis, but I thought it would be like a reunion. “

As Sung Yu-ri mentioned, the four people changed according to their circumstances and their surroundings. Lee Hyo Ri and Byeong have undergone many changes since their marriage. Lee Hyo-ri is married to a singer and her husband Lee Soon-sun in 2013. Sung-yuri married privately in 2017 with a professional golfer. The three people in the camping club were laughing at night when they talked to their husbands, ovulation, children, and other topics. In this way, the soloist, Joo-hyun, looked at them as strangers and made the viewers shout.

In particular, Lee Hyo Lee in the camping club, as seen in JTBC ‘Hyori’s Homestay’ series, showed a calm atmosphere with a more harmonious appearance than the past. Lee responded as he had said, “The United States has been opened so much,” and I would go a step further in Lee Hyo-ri’s jokes and laugh.

As time passed, their personality changed. Sung-yuri, who was unfamiliar with her debut, replied to Lee Hyo-ri, who said, “Take a chest,” and she replied, “I can not see my chest.” Oh Joo-hyun showed his tears alone in the appearance of the same Fin-kle.

Finckle, who made his 1998 debut, had a break since his digital single release in 2005. There was no formal dismantling announcement, but the members focused on personal activities and were virtually the same as the dismantling. They were older than solo activities, but the four people who showed up at the camping club were the same, and went back to childhood.

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