In the 13 ~ 14th episode of MBC Tree Mini-series ‘New Admissioner Gu Hae-Ryung (played by Kim Ho-Su / Directed by Kang Il-Su, Han Hyun-Hee)’, which was broadcasted on Wednesday, Lee Lim (Cha Eun-Woo) left Wimu in Pyeongan-do with the plague heads. .

Irim did not grasp the reality of the people who suffered from the spear due to false field. When Irim later found out, the officer said, “It was an inevitable decision. There were more doubles affected by looting, arson, and theft than those who died of illness. “What would have happened to Hanyang if it had spread the plague coming to the city?”

In addition, the official said, “If you kill hundreds, you can save thousands. “I only made a choice,” he said. You gave up, not choices. ” Irim said, “Prepare your medicine and mercy. I should go to Pyongan right now. ”

Through various SNS and portal sites, viewers said, “I just watched Dowon Daegun, who cuts the words of officials who only have excuses when I open my mouth. ”And the like.

On the other hand, ‘New Admission Officer Guhae-ryeong’ is a faction drama about the romance-filled romance of Korea’s first troubled woman, Gu Hae-ryeong, and the anti-war Motae solo. It is broadcast at 8:55 pm every Wednesday and Thursday.

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