Choi Jin-hyuk appeared as a live guest guest in KBS 2TV entertainment program “entertainment artist relay” broadcasted on the night of 12th.

Choi Jin-hyuk is in the middle of shooting KBS 2TV new drama ‘Justice’. He acted as a fallen lawyer, Lee Tae – kyung, who traded with the devil for revenge.

Especially, ‘Justice’ is hoping that Choi Jin-hyuk and Son Hyun-ju will appear together. In this regard, Choi Jin-hyuk said, “I heard that Cho Hyun-joo was the one to choose.”

He said, “Actually, when I saw the script, I heard that Son Hyun-joo was appearing, but I thought that I should do it unconditionally, and I asked him a while ago,” I told you to write a script to watch the drama. I did not express it, but I was very excited. ”

Also, Choi Jin-hyeok has been attracting attention as being active in various romantic comedy dramas as well as being called ‘Rocco’s strong man’. When asked about the secret to being chosen as the “master of kissing,” he said, “I am embarrassed.” He replied, “It’s a job to concentrate on the learning scene.

Subsequently, the data screen of the live audition program appeared with the past Choi Jin-hyuk. At the time, Choi Jin-hyeok was selected through 6,000-to-1 competition. In fact, he grabbed his ears with his past and revealed his sadness.

So Shin Hyun-joon said, “Do you remember when you said that you would be an actor who can speak with your heart then?” Choi Jin-hyeok said, “Actually, I was so nervous about the live broadcast that I ate 2 ~ 3 pieces of Cheongcheonhwan every time I broadcasted it, but I did not know one word.

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