JTBC’s new drama ‘Melroga Constitution’ (Lee Byung Hun, Kim Young-young / Lee Byung-hun and Kim Hye-young) will be screened by Lee Byung-hun, who portrays the agony, romance and daily life of his 30-year-old girlfriend. Chun Woo-hee acted as a serious drama writer, Lim Jin-ju, as if the emotional ups and downs were on his own. Chun Woo-hee said, “I was attracted to the story of women in their thirties.” He added that the parts he actually felt and sympathized with were pleasant and fresh.

The pearl has an unforeseeable character, but it is a three-dimensional figure that is both light and warm. Chun Woo-hee, who introduced “Pearl is a friend who is different from each other by about 10 degrees in the normal range,” he also charms the character. “Though it tries to throw a tongue and does not seem to act well, Point “is the reason why.

In addition, ‘Melo is constitution’ that is not essential to the companion of friends in the pole, Eun Jeong (former Yubin), Hanju (Hanji Eun) is a chemistry. Those who forced to live in a house will show a real friend with a whirlpool of big and small emotions. Chun Woo-hee also said, “Although the characters have different personality and charm, it is so good that they fit together nicely.” “Thank you for being encouraging and cheering each other. “He said, expressing his deep affection for friends in the middle of the play.

Lastly, “” Melo’s constitution “is a work that shows another aspect of Chun Woo-hee that I have never seen before.” “I have enjoyed reading the script from the moment I first opened it, and I hope you can look forward to all of the pleasant chemistry of actors and ambassador Lee Byung-hun.” He said, “I do not expect a new melodrama and expect actor Cheon- I also added.

On the other hand, ‘Melroga Constitution’ is a dramatic drama in which director Byeong-hun Lee, who mobilized 16 million spectators with extreme comic movies’ extreme profession ‘, made use of his’ It will be broadcasted at JTBC at 11 pm on the 26th following the ‘assistant’.

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