DAY6 talked about their style of music, production process, and more.

DAY6 is ​​the vocal member of all members. How does the composition process work?
Sungjin: Most of the work is done by everyone. We try to reflect the opinions of the diverse fields such as leaf and melody. Of course, you can also make songs in the form of individual units. The percentage of participation varies for each ‘point’ of the song.

I mentioned the ‘point’ in composition. Is the emphasis on popular hit or perfection of the song?
Sung – jin: It seems to be different for each individual song. Most of them consider the two together and try to dissolve the taste of each member. As each of my favorite genres is a little bit different, I focus on the work of ‘polishing out’ them after they work with each other.

If the members tell their music specifically.
Sung Jin: I like modern rock and British pop. Radiohead, Coldplay, Ed Sirren …
Won Pil: It’s alike. I used to love R & B now, but now I find songs that are simple and not trendy.
Jae: I like folk music. The most impressive recent albums were Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler’s EP. I prefer music with sincerity.
Help: Listen to everything from traps to Queen XCII (Queen XCII). I like electronics and I’ve heard a lot of EDM in the past.
Young K: I’ve been listening to hip-hop and punk rock since childhood and I’ve heard a lot of Britpop. Recently, I prefer bright music and pleasant and comfortable music when I play. He learns to build a chord from boy bands such as Why Do not We and tries to bring the bright atmosphere of Rudimental.

The members’ tastes are quite different, but there was no conflict in the process of meeting after the formation.
Won Pil: It was a lot. It took a long time from the process of matching the mind. Each member had different taste and tendencies of music, so he could not help but collide with the composing process. Now it fits well without it. In the course of preparation for the band, I have been through a conflict process in advance, and now I am happy and active.

▶ Young K (base, lead vocals, main wrapper)

When Dixie members first joined JYP, they were not a band but a dance team and a vocal team.
Sung – jin: All the other members liked singing, except for the help that joined the audition in the future. I enjoyed singing, practicing in company, learning musical instruments, and writing composition.

Dowun is the only music major in the team.
Help: I ​​hit the drums from the second half. I was playing with cheerful words (laughs). I do not seem to get well.
Young K: He is the only major of Dixing. After Dowun joined, the speed at which the songs were made became dramatically faster.

How does Jae, who plays guitar, evaluate his guitar play?
Jae: The more I look away, the less I feel. I want to show progress gradually.

How about Young K who hit the bass?
Young K: Actually, it took me quite a while to get to know myself as a bassist. As I practiced, I realized the role of the connection that the bass has in the band, and the important role of filling the empty seat.

▶ From left to right, Young K, Dowon (drums, vocals)

It debuted in 2015 with The Day EP, and it’s already the fifth year band. In addition to two regular albums, four mini-albums, and the 2017 Every Day 6 project, she released her own 25 songs.
DOWUN: ​​The Everyday Six project started from the idea of ​​the company. I was always making songs, but when I heard a series of results from the company, they offered me a suggestion that ‘I like the song and I want to release it every month.’
Sung – jin: I do not think you should set a title song among many songs. There was also a feeling that I could hear a song by the public.
Young K: We have a lot of contacts with Park Jin Young in PD. However, at every meeting, PD tells me, “I’m waiting for the Day Six song!” Thank.
Sung-jin: I remember that you liked PD very much.

If there is a song that Dyes’ s popular songs, or a song that does not anticipate as much as this one.
Sung – jin: I think ‘I was pretty’, ‘I loved you’, and ‘I love you’.
Jae: ‘I wait’ is the latter. We thought it was a good song but we did not expect it to be so popular. Thank you for loving many people.

The first full-length album in 2017, capturing the project,> C. This year ‘s album was selected as’ Domestic Album of the Year’.
Sung Jin: I recorded the single released during the project and the final version of the songs I had worked on before. I was willing to show my finished work. Recording was also new, and parts were rearranged. I tried to bring various aspects of Dix Six, but good results followed. I remember I was grateful for reading the year-end closing reviews and reviews of this year.

▶ From left, Jae (main guitar, lead vocals, rapper), Woong Pil (keyboard, lead vocals)

Compared to the past, although the number has increased, the band activity in Kpop Shin still feels strange.
Jae: I do not ponder the background or the concept of ‘idol’ in the work process. In fact, neither group is aware of that. Express your favorite music. If you like rock, if you like rock, pop.

In fact, Dixie ‘s music also finds the face of idol pop under the touch of rock.
Jae: I want you to take a look at the process of analysis. It is inspired by various musical styles to include memorable parts rather than idle and rocky parts. I would like to make music of ‘Deixes’ with that advantage.

The most recent work is “Youth”, which was released in two parts. Various music attempts such as the intense ‘Shoot me’ and the retro Sinpop ‘ Happy Days ‘ are impressive.
Sungjin: There is a time when the intuition of “I’m attracted!” After we have decided on the material, we try to make our own attempt by wearing the color of Dexix without any rules.

Recent young bands such as Waidon Wei and 5 Seconds of Summer mentioned above often take Shinseup’s tone rather than pop punk.
Young K: Any genre is ready. Certainly, recent overseas bands use a lot of electronic sounds. It is certain that the reaction comes from the genre. However, if you go after the trend and fashion, you will be stagnated again. Through a wide variety of attempts, we want to broaden the band’s color and avoid staying in the same spot.

▶ From the left, Won Pil, Sung Jin (leader, guitar, main vocals)

I mentioned the color of Dixens, and I think the words that unravel the natural feelings of the 20s are the message that symbolizes this team. If it is a band, it is not greedy for a huge message or social opinion.
Young K: Before his debut, he wanted to talk about big discourse. I actually tried. However, I thought that if I had too many thoughts and it was difficult for others to understand, it would be a failure. Park Jin Young also advised me a lot on that side. I want to put the song of my life and honest feelings.

In summary, I can represent the present of the band as ‘youth’ and ‘youth’. I am curious about the ‘youth’ that Dixie thinks, and the music that I want to express through this theme.
Sung – jin: Youth is ‘enthusiastic’. Passion does not disappear by aging. If you keep your passion in mind, it is always youth.
Won Pil: Young people are ‘walking on the road’. There is a good thing, but a bad thing happens. I think it is a time to endure thanks to the given work.
Jae: I agree with Sung-Jin’s ‘enthusiasm’. (Laughter) In addition, it is hard to judge everything, whether small or large. Everything feels huge. It is also a time to do as hard as you can.
Help: Youth is a time to ‘do what you want to do’. I want to challenge these things, things like that, can I do it? I do not often wonder. Let’s do it without hesitation! This mindset is youth.
Young K: Youth is a ‘growing season’. So it is difficult to define. The moment when the youth ends, I do not want to continue learning, but I think it is time to grow up and not to grow up. So we must live better this period.

Dixels will hold a second fan meeting in Korea at Jamsil Gymnasium on June 29th. The first fan meeting place in September 2018 was the Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium, more than double the size. I was able to see a young band growing up alongside members who are delighted to have time with my day. Like the title of their most recent title song, they were living a time in which they could confidently say, “It was a happy day,” looking back on this time in the future .

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