In the SBS drama ‘Doctor Yoan’, which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 20th, Chayo Han (Ji Sung Min) was released from the drama and Kang Si-young (Lee Se-young) returned to the doctor.

In the first broadcast, an emergency situation was drawn to the 5353 inmate (Kim Dohoon) who was in the prison, and the inmate Cha Joo and the resident Kang Si-young met. 

Cha had a lot of bliss as he stitched his wound without anesthesia while blood was flowing through the large stab on one side of the chest. He showed the doctor’s face, such as sharpening the patients in the prison and writing solutions. 

In the meantime, one of the inmates was in a state of affairs, and a second-year resident of Kang Si-Young, who worked part time as a medical officer, seemed to flee to the trauma, and after the inmate of 6238 John quickly examined him, I pulled out.

Kang Si Young received a phone call from Chung Il prison head and his uncle Ojun Nam (Chung In-ki), and he took the carrier and headed to the prison. “If you die, you will not die because you do not die from the disease.” The doctor said he promised to save the patient. Is that it? “

The prison guards asked, “Did you live in 5353 prison? Are you dead or what is the problem?” And the chief John answered, “I do not know.

Kang Si-yong informed the doctor of the condition of the inmate, and he said, “Did you listen to the 6238 in Cheongil Prison? Did you order the former doctor, incapacitated prisoner canceled? Do not listen to people, “he warned.

“It’s about 0.0010001%,” he said, “but I can not believe it because of the low probability that the patient may die. “I do not have sweat at all, but I have a diabetic and a nausea.” 

“It’s a rare kidney disease that has only 100 patients in our country,” Fabrie said. “We do not have a diagnosis,” Fabrie said of a rare hereditary disease that caused a specific enzyme deficiency in lysosomes, causing problems with blood flow and nutrition. I need to follow-up, but it’s hard to get the medicine. “

Kang Si-young asked, “What if I do not have one?” I asked, “I have to find out about the family history of the patient, and I do not want to say the word in the future.

Yoo Joon was disoriented by the injustice of Cha John, and hated the inmate John. 

“If you have a Fabry patient who is being treated at a secondary hospital, you have to borrow an ERT (enzyme replacement therapy) treatment,” Chaoyan said.

My uncle, Ojongnam, told me not to take any more for my niece with a medical accident trauma, but Kang Si Young said, “I did too. I felt the probability that I could go back when I came out of the hospital. I feel like I’m going to get better when I get better, “he said.

However, as a result of the biopsy test, it was not Fabry, and Ijun Joon got angry at Kang Si-young. I can not believe John the Inmate. Then he asked, “Do you know what you were imprisoned for?”

Kang Si Young confirmed the name of Cha Jahn, and as a result, it was murder. Kang Si-young said, “Is it your name? Is it an anesthesiologist who murdered a patient three years ago? The case was three years ago .It was a doctor who was given a lethal dose of lethal dose to a terminal patient. I asked.

He said, “But what did you say?” “Why did you kill the patient?” “Why do you use that expression?” I said, “I usually euthanized,” he says, “hold on to any doctor and ask him what he thinks about euthanasia. I think it’s the most exhausting problem in the world, but only a second year resident can have a specific position on euthanasia, is that what it is going to run? “

“I feel like betrayal, anger, or despair, I thought I could find hope from me, but I felt like I was not going to despair. Did you do it? You abandoned the patient, abandoned the patient, stopped breathing? I asked him, “Are you a patient?” Kang Si-yong said, “No, I could not save it, I could not save it.” 

Cha John said, “The patient is still suffering, go and get better,” and Kang Shi Young was informed that the inmate was missing during a brief seizure.

The inmates attempted to jump off the roof as if they were attempting suicide, and they heard her voice. Kang Si-young said, “It’s not common, but there are cases where auditory hallucinations are heard among the patients in Fabry.” 

Kang Si-yong, referring to the family power of the inmate, insisted that he should check his family once more. “I decided to move the hospital, I decided to do it as a guardian, and it is best to move to a big hospital.”

At this point, John said, “Take the medicine next to the patient, I will go,” and he appears in the real room. It was possible because it was expired at 12 o’clock today.

Johan, who thought it was Fabbrie, was about to start treatment, and Reason was desperately blocked. The two men showed a fierce opposition, and the reason for it was that “Unlicensed medical practice is illegal.” 

Instead, Kang Shi-young began treatment by saying, “I will take all responsibility,” and the enzyme test confirms it as Fabry. The treatment of the inmates went quickly, and Cha John left the hospital. Kang Si-yong ran to catch John, but finally he could not make the last greeting. 

Min-Taekyung (Kim Hye-eun), head of the Department of Anesthesiology at Seoul Hansei Hospital, said, “I will return Kang Shi-young, and I have come to the conclusion that it is not a post-traumatic stress disorder.” 

Kang Si-young returned to the hospital and said, “I am sorry to have caused a great deal of damage to the hospital. 

Kang Si-yung saw the back of Cha-han at the hospital where he came back, and he followed it. Soon Johan soon discovered Kang Shi-young and the two reunited so

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