In the SBS entertainment program ‘Song-dream Dream 2-You are my destiny’ (hereinafter ‘Song-dream Dream 2’), which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 3rd, Lee Yun-ji was organized to organize the house.

Lee Yun-ji started to organize the house with the help of the grooming experts before the second childbirth. Lee Yunji confessed, “I was not alone because I was helped.” Yunji was in agony while arranging a large amount of cups in the kitchen. To such a profit expert said, “If you do a lot of worries can not be cleaned up.”

Kitchens and other parts of the house were neatly transformed through the diet. The daughter Rani, who was just in the house, was bewildered by the changed house atmosphere. Lani added, “I think the house is in a dress.”

With his luggage, Yun Ji tried to play a flea market and decided to ask Lani for his opinion. Rani burst into tears and refused to put the dolls on the flea market. Rani was embarrassed by Lee Yun-ji, saying, “I’ll never see you again.”

Lee Yun-ji would have better organize the secret, “I thought I want to share the process with the child,” he regretted.

At the end of the twist, ‘Lanie Flea Market’ was opened, consisting of Lee Yun-ji, Jung Han-ul’s and Lani’s. Rani had a sullen look before everyone opened the flea market.

As soon as the flea market started, Lee Yun-ji was embarrassed by the people who made the phosphate. On the other hand, Jung Hanul responded quickly and calmly to customers.

Jung-wool persuaded Rani, who was sullen, “to take people happy? Lani laughed as she actively helped flea market events. Later, when the children fought over the same thing, Rani gave a water gun to her crying friend and became a fixer.

The proceeds from the flea market were donated to the children’s ward in Raney’s name.

On the same day, Gangnam and Lee Sang-hwa visited Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, and had an activity experience. Earlier, Mo Tae-bum was surprised by transforming himself into an employee without his knowledge.

Gangnam enjoyed sledding and Lee Sang-hwa and Mo Tae-bum skated on ice. Lee Sang-hwa and Mo Tae-bum added laughter as they went on a national treasure skating competition that reminded them of the Olympics.

Mo Tae-bum confessed to the reason why he decided to retire quickly. Mo Tae-beom surprised everyone by saying that he had withdrawn from the competition due to a serious injury the day before the competition. Mo Taebum confessed, “I thought I should stop now. It took less than a week to retire. My parents knew a few days before retirement.”

In front of Mo Tae-bum and Lee Sang-hwa, Gangnam appeared as a human wreath. Gangnam surprised them by appearing with the phrase ‘Graduation of National Representatives for a New Beginning.’

Next, Jin Tae-hyun and her daughter Se-yeon are preparing for Park Si-eun’s birthday party. Park Si-eun received a phone call from her mother and urgently headed for her. Jin Tae-hyun asked in advance to buy time. Jin Tae-hyun said, “Daughter is legally a family and it is the first birthday of Park Si-eun.

After Park Si-eun left the office, Jin Tae-hyun, along with Se-yeon’s lead, prepared for Park Si-eun’s birthday party. In particular, Se-yeon surprised everyone by showing off her skillful cooking skills, and Jin Tae-hyun was proud of her appearance.

Park Si-eun returned to the birthday party prepared by the women with bright smiles. Jin Tae-hyun looked at Park Si-eun and said, “I really respect her.” Park Si-eun’s birthday party was successfully over at the end of the twisting cycle. I confessed.

Seyeon followed Park Si-eun and delivered a heartfelt video letter to Jin Tae-hyun.

On the other hand, SBS ‘Dongsang Dream 2’ is a program that looks at how couples in various fields live in terms of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ and looks at the meaning of meeting half of fate and the value of living together. It is broadcast at 11 pm on Monday.

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