Of the 24 finalists in the second round, only 12 who received 5 mentors’ all-casting were able to advance to the third round. However, while Seo Jong-won, Jung-cheol Won, did not receive all-casting one after another, Na Hyun-woo chose ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ of ‘Rock of Age’ to direct a musical scene using a mop, apron, and leather jacket.

An exciting stage unfolded, and Jiyeon Lee said, “I’m afraid I won’t be in the TOP3. It seems that Hyunwoo’s passion for defeat, which only his age group can have, shines brightly on his own without feeling repulsive. ” Na Hyun-woo was selected for the first time by five mentors and was all-casted, and was criticized for playing a big role in stage production.

Na Hyun-woo also said, “It seems that one concept has relaxed the atmosphere. Honestly, I admitted that I also wanted to put it in my own way, ”admitted,“ The sofa is very good in the waiting room for all casters of all-round casters. I gained some weight for this stage. I’ll make a reward for me. 

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