Dramax, MBN new tree drama ‘level up’ (play Kim Dong-gyu / directing Kim Sang-woo) to be broadcast on July 10 will be the restructuring specialist Andante (Seonghun) and the planning team leader Shin Yonhwa It is a romantic comedy drama depicting the process of struggling to save the company.

He is the new employee of Yoo Sung CRC, a restructuring specialist, who plays the role of Kwang Han Chul and makes a love line full of tension with Sung Hoon and Han Chung. He plans to capture his wife ‘s amusement theater with cute jealousy, forming a delicate triangle between his unrequited love story and his boss and mentor, Andante.

Especially in the single character poster that was released on the 11th, it is expected to be filled with the appearance of Cha Sun Woo, which perfectly permeates the new entrant Kwak Han Chul. He said, “Synchronization rate between me and Kwak Han-cheol is about 90%. I remembered my appearance long ago in Kwak Han-cheol’s life, looking for a dream.” He expressed empathy and affection for Kwak Han-cheol. However, he said, “The way I watch my favorite person is different from me, but I felt a strong attraction because I was wondering how Han-cheol of such a person would express his feelings.”

He said, “Every character is individual and each character is unique, but the fact that he is not childish is the biggest attraction of level-up. “He said.

On the other hand, ‘Chan Seo Kwak Han Cheol’, an attractive man with passion and genuine coexistence, can be seen at ‘Level Up’, which is firstly broadcasted at 11 pm on July 10th.

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