The movie ‘Exit’ (director Lee Sang-geun) surpassed 2 million viewers on the 4th release.

According to the integrated network of the Young Sejin group on March 3, ‘Exit’ exceeded the cumulative audience of 2 million people on the afternoon of the day.

As a result, ‘Exit’ recorded the same speed as the 10 million movies ‘Extreme Occupation’, ‘With God-Sin and Punishment’, ‘Veteran’, ‘Thefts’ and ‘Assassination’.

Since its release on the 31st of last month, ‘Exit’ has been gathering topics with fresh style, materials, and casting, and it is being spotlighted as a new concept film that changes the entertainment paradigm through popular after explosive viewing.

In particular, the movie continues to be popular, with violent and sensational entertainment but high entertainment, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Actor Kang Suk-seok of Yongnam Station and Lim Yoon-a of Yeoju Station shared 2 million audit shots together. Choe Jung-seok and Im Yoon-a, the combi, thanked the audience with a cheerful smile with cheering tools in line with the sound of ‘Tatata’, which is a symbol of ‘Exit’.

Cho Jung-seok and Im Yoon-ah are going to continue the pleasant ‘Tatata’ craze with the audience once again through the Busan-Daegu stage greetings this weekend.

‘Exit’ is a disaster escape action film that depicts the extraordinary courage and the base of the young Baeksu Yongnam and the university club, Euiju, who escape the city covered with poisonous gas. Screening at national theaters.

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