Even though Jisuwon, the ‘elegant mother and daughter’, learned about the time limit of Choi Myung-gil, she showed no attitude.

In the 100th episode of KBS2’s daily drama ‘Elegant Mother and Daughter’ (played by Sang-hee Oh, directed by Soo-sun), aired on the evening of the 24th, Cha Mi-yeon (Carry Jeong, Choi Myung-gil), Han Yu-jin (Jenice, Cha Ye-ryeon), Gu Ha-jun (Kim Heung-soo), Gu Jae-myeong (Kim Myung-soo), Seo Eun-ha ( Jisoo Won), Hong In-cheol (Lee Hoon), Jo Yoon-gyeong (Cho Kyung-suk), Hong Se-ra (Oh Chai-yi), Denis Jung (Lee Hae-woo), Hong Yu-ra (Choi), Hwang Do-ri (Song Min-jae), Seol Mi-hyang (Kim Bo-mi) Drawn.

On this day, Carrie Jeong made a loud voice to remove her from Eugene. Eugene knew Carrie’s inner feelings and felt a sense of love for him.

Yujin said, “I haven’t had enough revenge so far. I will do more. I will do it forever. ” Eugene knew that Carrie’s remaining life was one year. However, the possibility of clinical treatment was raised, and the viewers’ curiosity toward ending was amplified.

Carrie Jeong said to her son, Haejun, “Don’t let Eugene come here. “If I don’t get treated, Eugene is going to die.” Haejun said, “We will surely save our mother.”

Among them, Yujin, who had no place to go, only believed in Hae Junman and begged her mother Jo Yunkyung to take her. Carrie Jung knew the situation and said, “I am against Mrs. Joe, but don’t give up. Even if it wasn’t for me, the two of you would have had a good life by now. ”

Seo Eun-ha met Jo Yoon-kyung as a red card leader and said, “If you keep blaming our daughter, Hae-jun Hain eventually chooses our daughter. Don’t cry and cry later. ”

“Your daughter, if you want to live with us, you have a way. “Stop ties with your daughter.” However, the galaxy said, “I am crazy.” “If she is Carrie’s daughter, I have already accepted her. “It’s better for a kidnapper to have a time limit.” The galaxy eventually discovered that Carrie was the dead end.

Hong In-cheol was also shocked to learn about Carrie’s time limit. Incheol jealousy of the galaxy by saying, “Apologize to Cary as soon as you can.”

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