Euna Kim (24), which served as the group members were suntanchi Khan. Euna Kim has performed various activities such as Mnet ‘Superstar K’ Season 3, 2015 Girls’ Di Arc, 2016 Mnet ‘Until Pretty Rap Star’ Season 3, and 2017 KBS 2TV Idol Rebooting Project ‘The Unit’ And made his debut in May with former Democrat and Cannes, who had worked with Diacro in May.

Euna Kim was born in the United States and spent his school days in New York. Euna Kim had a different brain from her childhood. At that time, I was the first school student in my middle school days. “I liked studying very much at that time,” Yunaak said in a Star News on the 27th.

“I was born in the United States and was extrovert, so I thought I would have been living very freely in the US, but it was not. The house was very strict.”

At that time, Eunaa liked singing, dancing, and standing on the stage, but hesitating to wonder, “Will I be a singer by my skill?” With the expectation of parents here, Yuna Kim became more committed to studying.

In fact, Euna Kim was preparing to become a pharmacist or doctor. Euna Kim said,

Since then, as he entered high school, he came to his troubles. I have a problem with my health during my academic stress. Yunaak said, “At that time, the thyroid gang came to the school, and my studies were a little bit steady,” he said, “and I thought seriously about what I should do next.”

In the end, Eunak Kim received the notice of passing the university and applied for the “Superstar K” season 3 qualification and decided to go to Korea. My parents’ objections were severe and it was not easy to persuade them.

“Fortunately, my parents gave me a chance to see how I play in the preliminaries, and my parents knew that I was in a bad style and allowed me to go to Korea believing that I was doing well. I promised to get good grades. ”

Euna said, “I do not regret giving up studying.”

“I have been to many auditions and I’ve been saying” I’ve come round here and gone, “but I’ve learned a lot through my years as a trainee for six or seven years.”

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