MBC Evrion ‘foreigner’ side of the winner, Hongja, Jung Dae Kyung, Kim Nae Hee, Park Sung Yeon, ‘Miss Trout’ 5 people appeared in ‘foreigner’ appeared in the Mystrot feature, and recently finished recording. This is the first appearance of other entertainment since the end of the program, is attracting more expectations.

They are going to be active in performing arts such as ‘Korean foreigners’ and ‘Video Star’ as well as the people who recorded their daily sold-outs until the national tour concert.

On the other hand, MBC Everly ‘Foreigner for Korea’ is a program that shows 10 foreigners and 5 stars who are more Korean than Koreans. Through the process of learning Korean culture and knowledge in the form of quiz battles for Korea, the audience is receiving great love.

The broadcast, which features the Miss Trout feature, will be unveiled at 8:30 pm on Wednesday, May 22 at MBC Evrywon ‘Foreigners for Korea’.

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