Former baseball player Kim Byung-hyun appears on “Radio Star” and confesses the truth of the finger swipe towards the crowd. At the same time, he releases his unexpected gossip and collects anticipation to announce his change as an entertainer.

MBC ‘Radio Star’ scheduled to be broadcasted at 11:05 pm on Wednesday 10th will be featured in ‘I’ll show you completely different’ feature starring Kim Seongryong, Sohn Jung Eun, Kim Byung Hyun and Nam Chang Hee.

Kim Byeong-hyun refers to the case of fingers. In 2003, he raised controversy by raising his fingers to the crowd. He said, “I did not know you were going to the board,” he said frankly about the situation and feelings of the time.

Kim Byung-hyun also reveals the reason for his short period. He said he did not like his play once after a short prime time and he found his own answer through various experiments.

In the meantime, Kim said that he had not eaten meat for nearly three years and surprised everyone. But now the back of the end of the burger shop president announced that the laugh was released.

In addition, Kim Byung-hyun shows off his charm as a dragon character. He lost his major league championship ring and gave up his donation. Also, I will pour all the time until my passport is lost.

Kim Byung-hyun unveils the three tongues that have earned him the nickname “Kim Rule”. Everyone is shocked by his unusual tear and his legendary ¡ ° is open to the public and the studio is said to be scorched.

In addition, Kim Byung-hyun recently announced the recent changes to MBC baseball commentator. Ryu Hyun-jin is involved in this background. In addition, it will also add fun to the story of the topic that was collected by the polarized relay.

The truth of Kim Byung – hyun ‘s fingerprints can be found on’ Radio Star ‘which is broadcasted at 11:05 pm on Wednesday, 10th.

On the other hand, ‘Radio Star’ is loved by a unique talk show that unleashes the real story by disarming the guest with the intention of the MC who does not know where to go.

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