Lee Joon-ho and Jung Min-min, the protagonists of “Twenty”, met again in the 4th year after the ” The first man’s parasitism in Korea and Lee Jun-ho, a wise man with a mind-set leading the way, can a young youth dramaturgy romance drawn by Kyushu Jinsong take the hearts of the audience.

In order to save the fierce angel of the crisis of the closure crisis, the flower guilty is the best man ‘s parasitism in Korea. On the 14th, he took off his veil through a production meeting at Megabox Dongdaemun branch. On this day, Lee Jun-ho, Jung So-min, A southern popular bishop was present.

Gyungbangryeong’, which has attracted attention with the fresh material of ‘Chosun Dynasty Men’s Parasitism’, which has never been seen before, is expected to be postponed to the romance of Lee Jun-ho and two young actors. The idol group 2PM falseness Junho who is in charge of the male parasitic heroine has previously performed in the movies ‘Watchers’, ‘Twenty’, the drama ‘Kim Sang Jang’, ‘Just Love’, ‘Oily Melo’ And “actor” who crossed the smoke stone. In the works of the gangwoo gyeongsu seawall station, there is a strong acting ability and a charming mask in the works such as drama ‘Didei’, ‘sound of heart’, ‘father is strange’, ‘this life is the first time’, ‘ We postpone the character.

In particular, Jung So-min and Lee Joon-ho opened in 2014 and mobilized a total of 304 million viewers (based on the integrated network of the Film Promotion Commission) and appeared in the well-received youth comedy movie “Twenty.” Is collected. It seems that two people who are sorry that there are not many scenes together in ‘twenty’ will surely relieve the regret of ‘twenty’ through the romance performance through the urbane movie

In the production report meeting, Lee Jun-ho said, “I did not have many scenes with Min-jin in ‘Twenty-four years ago’ four years ago, but since I was friends of my peers, I kept close to touching them so far. “Thank you so much for doing this.” “There were not many gods in the ‘Twenty’, but there were many gods that were attached to the river heaven and Kim Woo-bin, but there was no god who was alone with Jun-ho. I was sorry that I did not catch the breath in earnest. I was really happy to know that Junho was staring at me, and I was really happy that he had a lot of ideas and was so smart. I did not know, “he laughed.

In addition, the two of them said, “It was because of the fun and freshness of the scenarios. Lee Jun-ho asked the reason for his appearance, “When choosing a piece, I received a scenario of ‘Gigon Doe-ryeong’ at the moment when I thought ‘I do not care about anything, I think it’s a piece that works well with my thoughts, and I think that this work works very well with my thoughts, “he said. “He said.

“I took the scenarios in the airplane. I thought I should go to sleep or watch movies, but when I opened the first one, I could not breathe and read everything.” He added, “It’s not easy to read the script in a sigh, it was really fun, I was interested in the genre of drama, and I wanted to do it.

I also explained about each character. When asked about the charm of the character Lee Jun Ho said, “It is a really lovely friend.” “It is not simply that melancholy dissolves women’s hearts, it heals the sickness of the women of that age,” he says, “and I think he is the friend with the greatest empathy. I think it was a character who could understand the pain of others. ” Lee Jun-ho, who learned to play the gayageum for the characters in the drama, said, “I worked really hard, I practiced enough to make one song.

In regard to the character called Seongwon in the drama, Shim Soon-jin said, “It is a woman who is awake unlike a woman in Chosun Dynasty. It is a character with a sense of responsiveness and a sense of family responsibility” I have known each other for a long time as my brother, and I have never met him before, but the meaning of the two is different for Hae Won. ” Lee Jun-ho said, “Sohmin is a first-time fan of the Joseon Dynasty.” He added, “I am so grateful that you have played the historical drama.

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