Group FT Island Choi Min-hwan and Laboom’s Yul-hee couple faced the second child.

According to Sporty News on the 16th, Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee were recently pregnant with their second child. After the birth of his first son Jaeryul last year, he came to visit in about a year.

Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee also communicate with the local people with a bright expression to announce the pregnancy. It is rumored that the people around him are also congratulating the younger brother’s news.

Two people have repeatedly stated that they want to have a ‘second’ through broadcast. Last April, KBS ‘Salim Men2’ revealed the happening due to misunderstanding that Yul-hee was pregnant. The disappointment of Yul-hee’s decisive words, which Min-hwan said, “There is no possibility of pregnancy,” gave birth to Yul-hee’s father and Jae-yul’s younger brother. Since Happening has become a reality, it is noted how the reaction of Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee’s family, who will express their joy to the second news, will be revealed through the broadcast. Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee announced their marriage plan the following year after becoming known as an idol couple in 2017.

In May 2018, he gave birth to his son Yuryon-gun, where he married in October of that year. ‘Man of the living’

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