MBC ‘s rewriting chart show, which was broadcasted on the last 12 days, attracted viewers to the beautiful stage of the space girl group.

On the day of the meeting, he set the stage with ‘On an empty street’ of 015B, which was ranked 44th in April 1991 to challenge the No. 1 singer of the ‘1st singer’.

The song, which started singing in clear and clear tone, was filled with sad feelings due to its appealing vocals. The calm yet impeccable voice of the company doubled the appeal of the lively atmosphere and the powerful singing and clean treble handling captivated the audience’s eyes and ears. In particular, the deep emotional expression appropriate for the song made the beautiful live stage more colorful.

The actors who showed the stage also sent a standing ovation and conveyed the impression of the stage of the coalition. In particular, when you look at stage of 015B and the stage of the coalition, “when you do the highlight part at the end, I can not be more perfect than this. ”

“I was so honored to be able to sing the song of 015B seniors with my voice,” said Yoo Jeong-soo, director of StarShip Entertainment. “I was so nervous and nervous, but it was so meaningful.” “Thank you very much to Jangho-il who gave my warm support to my stage.”

As a member of the space girl, she is a member of the universe girl. She is a member of the universe girl, and based on the excellent singing power and the clean vocals, she has appeared in the drama ‘Fox Stars’ OST, ‘,’ Melo Holic ‘,’ Love Playlist Season 2 ‘OST, etc.

Universe girl debuted in 2016 with ‘Momo Momo’ and announced ‘Secrets’, ‘Touching You’, ‘Dreaming Heart’, ‘Take Care’, and ‘La La Love’ He has become a member of the popular group with his unique dreamy melody and brilliant performance. In recent years, he has continued his remarkable performance in concluding his second single concert “Would you stay ♥ -Secret Box” (space stay ♥ – secret box).

On the other hand, the space girl will attend a fan meeting at Yonsei University Auditorium,(Space Station) and meet with fans.

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