Hyeri shot the pictorial of the free-spirited concept in a filming with Ji-Q Korea unnaturally and vividly. It is rumored that the staff admired the pictorials by uniquely digesting the pictorial with a dolly beauty in front of the camera and an indifferent expression in front of the camera.

In the following interview, Hye-ri first approaches and talks about her extroverted personality. It’s not energy, it’s just personality. If I do this, my opponent will be up, and I will be tensioned. It’s better when you work. If you look at the filming today, everyone is working around me. I don’t want to feel like I’m working until the moment the camera is turned off. ” Hyeri recounted his behavior since the drama ‘Reply 1988’ and honestly confessed the truth. “When I got so much love and felt sorry for it, it was very scary to accept it. Dodging made me more out of control. So let’s go back one by one and accept it. Then I had the power to challenge again. I learned to look back on myself and I’m doing my best not to regret this moment. ”

In the drama ‘Cheonil Electronics Mitsuri’, which is scheduled to air in September, Hye-ri, who plays Lee Sun-sim, who acted as a slum boy in terminal accounting, said, “As for me, a boy is weak, unlike me.” . It is the age of the beginning of society. If you listen to your peers, the world is too big for them and the limits of what you can do for yourself. Sometimes I read the script so upset that I want to fight for it. ”

“We’re focusing on the emotional lines so people can see them and grow up like them, get over them, feel the courage.” Hye-ri, the youngest member of the Honors Club, donated more than 100 million to UNICEF . I think I enjoy a lot more than that. So shy. My mom has been volunteering and sponsoring since my family was poor, and I don’t have a bath. Can someone need something I don’t need? If you share that, you’re both satisfied. I think that’s natural and good. ” He smiled to be “a man who shares delicious things with people,” consistently revealing his affection, optimism and optimism for people and the world.

More pictorial images of Hye-ri and sincere interviews can be found on the September issue of “ QQ Korea ” and the QQ Korea homepage.

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