In her teenage years, her hopes were “Princess Disney”. “I had a lot of fun at this time,” he said.

It is Tiffany Young (30) who set out on the American market as a solo singer in K-pop group Girls’ Generation. Recently, I met Tiffany, who came to Korea for a concert at a hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. Even before the time difference, I was able to digest my schedule and I was not even tired. I did not even notice the maturity of the blonde hair on the tight suit. “One day is my birthday, and five days are the girls’ debut days. I remember my first recording. These days are really a gift for me. I want to create a festive atmosphere when I meet my fans on the 3rd. ”

Tiffany’s Haitong voice was soaked. He will release a new single “Magnetic Moon” on the 2nd and open the concert “Open Hearts EVE” (Open Hearts EVE) for 3 years in the live performance hall of Yes24, Gwangjin – gu on 3rd.

“I would like to make this performance a place where I can open my heart and enjoy it,” he said. “Unlike three years ago, this time, I made more than two-thirds of my songs, and I am so proud.”
Tiffany Young, a gorgeous beauty (Seoul-Yonhap News) Kang Min-ji reporter = Girls’ Generation member and solo singer Tiffany Young is posing in front of Yonhap News and Interview at Cheongdam-dong Hotel.
He will release a new single “Magnetic Moon” on the 2nd and open the concert “Open Hearts EVE” (Open Hearts EVE) for 3 years in the live performance hall of Yes24, Gwangjin – gu on 3rd.

◇ The time of learning is one year alone “I am immersed in the fun of creating” Tiffany, who left SM Entertainment in 2017, He started out with Over My Skin in June last year, and moved to Runaway in May with 6 music videos. “Last year was a new time to learn. I wanted to grow faster and do better. The harder I get, the better the results. I just wanted to press. I was not tired. ”

Unlike when she was in the position of a vocalist in the Girls’ Generation, she was a new face in her capacity as a producer. He led the entire process of creating content, from lyrics and composition to music video concept and styling. If the stage performance was fun with the members, now I am hooked on the fun of creating famous artists and creations.

“I was always interested in creating and directing,” he recalled as he learned a lot through the Girls’ Generation.

“I came up with the idea of ​​vocal performance with Taeyeon on the Girls’ Generation tour, and when I saw the stage, Isuman told me to make a unit ‘Tatisser’. I wanted to make a song with this process, and in the first solo album in 2016 I wrote my own song “What Do I Do”. ”

Tiffany also contributed to his production and writing song ‘Magnetic Gate’ is a dance song with electronic sound in the 1970’s disco style. Lady Gaga, and Shia worked with Fernando Garibay and co-produced. He said, “I was nocturnal as I was working on it.” He said, “As I changed the sound of the instrument and the lyrics, I was so greedy that I could not go home until dawn.

He transformed every music video, and this time he chose ‘Glam look’ in the 1970s and tried contemporary dance (modern dance). Feeling energy under the moonlight and dancing barefoot freely is dreamy.

“I first danced barefoot, I felt free, I got a lot of energy from a female bishop, and I was very impressed with the energy of women who are doing great work and I want to express myself more beautifully as a thirties. ”

The effort has shown impressive achievement. He won the Best Solo Breakout award for the first time as a Korean female singer in the US ‘I Heart Radio Music Awards’ in March this year during a North American showcase tour.

“It felt like I was rewarded for my decision to play solo in the United States,” he said. “It was also meaningful that I got a new start with the members of the Group Fifth Harmony and it was even more meaningful. I also have. ”
Tiffany Young, a solo singer from Girls ‘Generation (Seoul-Yonhap News) Kang Min-ji reporter = Girls’ Generation member and solo singer Tiffany Young is posing in front of Yonhap News and Interview at Cheongdam-dong Hotel.

Born and raised in the United States, his first decision came to Korea when he was 15 years old. “I wanted to play music like Boa’s sister.” He spent three years as a trainee at SM and dreamed of K-pop star. When he returned to the base of the young day, he asked the difference between the two markets.

“Of course, the system is different, but I think middle schooler is the biggest difference between me and my 30s, and I have 12 years career in Korea, but I feel like starting a new business.”

As he entered the local market in earnest, his experiences and opportunities in the K pop music scene seemed more precious. When asked “what is Tiffany sound” in the locale, he always replies that he is “a fusion of K pop and pop”. “I wish Tiffany sound is the most attractive music of the two styles, haha.”

I was able to stand with a stable solo artist working with my dream nest at Transporter Arts. This is the Asian American group Paste Movement, which ranked first in the Billboard Hot 100 of 2010. This visit was accompanied by Fest Movement member Kevin Nish, co-president of the company.

Tiffany expressed his gratitude that “I am a company that builds up the Asian community with the belief that there will be a change in the American market,” and that “I was able to work in a good environment with good messages and healthy leadership.”

I always had a look in my face, but I wonder if there was a lonely moment. Because it is an entertainer living an exposed life, there was a difficulty to bear. He had a hard time confessing his family history because of his debts last December.

“This is Born Again, which I wrote in January of this year, when I told my dad about it and then went to the studio and wanted to give comfort and strength to people who experienced pain like me, or bigger pain. It is meant to be born again when I put everything down and went straight up, so it is every time I sing. ” Tiffany’s face covered in veil in this single jacket.

In the end, he turned to the music and the girlhood as the space where he comforted and hugged each time he was hard.

“My mom came to Korea two years after my mom died. My family was a member, and my father was next to me when I was there. My girls weren’t there, and I was still looking for my identity.” Space. ”
Tiffany ‘s birthday, the girl’ s era united in perfect [Capture Tiffany Young Instastagram] The
activities of Girls’ Generation have been weakened by individual activities, but the solidarity has become harder. On the last day, Tiffany’s birthday was also unified. Members’ group chat rooms are also active. Recently, the first generation girl group Pinkle has blossomed with the story of JTBC’s ‘Camping Club’, which has been gathered in 14 years. “We grew up watching our seniors and still go to karaoke and sing sisters.”

His other wind is acting. He attends acting school in the United States and is constantly challenging his audition.

“I do not have a cast yet, but the members are doing ‘your music video’, I got a sign that they learned to smoke. ‘I like music and musicals like’ LARA RAND ‘. Equality and women’s human rights have also opened their minds, and I have the belief that they will appear sometime in the work of good messages. ”

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