Kang Seok-seok and Lim Yoon-ae put on a magazine cover.

Actor Kang Suk-suk and Lim Yoon-a revealed the more delightful pictures by earnestly through “Hi-cut” star style magazine published on July 4th.

A smile on his electric scooter or a pose that runs towards the exit, a smile of Lim Yoon-a who burst out of the joke of the cockpit, makes him smile. The two actors fashioned the intense red, neon color and trendy small accessories that reminiscent of work clothes. In this photo shoot, Im Yoon-ae’s companion dog saw the power. Raeo appeared only in a single god, but he stole his gaze with his white hair and eyes staring at the camera.

In the interview following the shooting, Kang Suk Seok was about to play Yong Nam, a young boy in ‘Exit’. It seemed to be able to do well. I focused on how much I could approach this person to the audience, and whether I could empathize with them. It is not heroic characters, but it came with a small heroic figure trying to rescue many people with a little force. ”

As for the breathing with Lim Yoon-a, I told him, “There is a lot of good actresses to blame for the news that he plays with Lim Yoon-a,” and he seemed to know why he did it. “Actually, the shooting scene is hard for both the actor and the staff, but at the ‘Exit’ scene, anyone did not have a hard time, so the breathing with Yoon Ah was just as good. “He said.

imyunah is why selecting the ‘exit’ in the first juyeonjak screen “character named uiju’s really reassuring and strong sense of responsibility, a wonderful friend tried to smoke gekkeum that part of the exposed naturally” and to say “Disaster Movie was not thought to be only the serious and heavy. hiding humor code ssokssok in between tension. I really took it hangs very hard, seems to be able to show a new look did not try meantime, “he said.

for the cockpit focused breathing with “I received a lot of help from my brother in the field. I have a lot of ideas in expressing feelings with acting. I was able to produce synergy while discussing such a part, “he said.” It was a really good person and partner outside the shooting spot. I was really envious of people who shot it together, but I thought I knew why they praised him so much. ”

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