TOMORROW X TOGETHER SHOWCASE: STAR in US held its first overseas showcase at PlayStation Theater in New York on May 9 (local time) did.

The showcase started with a long line of fans in front of the venue 6 hours before the start of the showcase, and filled with 2100 seats at the same time as the entry, realizing the global popularity of Tomorrow Bai Together.

Tomorrow Bai Together, who started performing with ‘Blue Orangeade’, filled the stage with his five songs in his debut album ‘Dream of the Star: STAR’, including ‘Starry nap’ and ‘Horn grew up in one day’ (CROWN). I also had a good time with my fans as I also had a talk corner with ‘Zenga Talk’ and ‘Tomorrow by Together childhood diary’.

In particular, Tomorrow By Together introduced new stage such as ‘Cat & Dog (English ver.)’ And ‘Our Summer’ acoustic version. Throughout the performances, the cry of “I love you” broke out all over the audience, and the fans cheered for me throughout the Hangul lyrics of the title song “One day, Horn grew up in my hair (CROWN)”.

Tomorrowby Together, who has successfully completed his first overseas showcase in New York, said, “Like the name of his debut album, it seems to be able to decorate the first chapter of dreams nicely. Thanks to the fans who came to see us, everything is possible thanks to you. I will show better music and a great stage in the future. ”

Meanwhile, Tomorrow By Together sold out six city performance tickets at the first overseas showcase held two months after its debut. Starting from New York on 9th, he will continue his international showcases in Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles.

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