‘Golden Garden’ Han Ji-hye-Sang-woo’s atmosphere is captured and attracts attention. The eye contact of two people who seemed to be energized stimulates the excitement of the viewer.

MBC Weekend Special Project ‘Gwanggeum-won’ (played by Park Hyun-joo / directed by Lee Dae-young / produced by Kim Jong-hak Productions) was renewed between his own high ratings Focusing attention by unveiling still-flowing light streams.

In the drama, Eun Dong-ju (Han Ji-hye) -Cha Pil-seung (Lee Sang-woo) finds the missing Lee Sung-wook (Moon Ji-yun) and finds Lee Faith (Kang Jun-hyuk) -Lee Sa-rang (Jeong-yeon) and takes care of them. Closer In this process, Cha Pil-seung, who took care of Eun Dong-ju, was not obsessed with any slogans, and Eun Dong-ju, who struck back with a loud voice, gave a soft excitement and laughter. Meanwhile, the last broadcast shows that the relationship between Eun Dong-ju and Cha Pil-seung started from the ‘Golden Garden’ festival, and attention has been drawn to changes in their relationship in the future.

The steel still reveals the eye-catching eye of Han Ji-hye and Lee Sang-woo. Lee Sang-woo discards the playful scene and looks at Han Ji-hye with serious eyes. Han Ji-hye opens her eyes round as if she is embarrassed by the strange eyes of Lee Sang-woo. The pink stream of two people stimulates the excitement of the viewer.

Above all, Lee Sang-woo’s heart thumps the viewers in a straight-away mode. Han Ji-hye bowed his head as though it was awkward, but Lee Sang-woo keeps his eyes on Han Ji-hye until the end. Moreover, Lee Sang-woo is holding onto Han Ji-hye’s wrist. Furthermore, Lee Sang-woo’s appearance as he kissed Han Ji-hye maximizes the excitement. The two have ended their relationship between Somem and Ssam, and their interest in romance is rising.

“Golden Garden” said, “Today (17th) Lee Sang-woo realizes his heart toward Han Ji-hye.” “The ideal stamp romance will begin. Please look forward to it. ”

MBC Weekend Special Project ‘Golden Garden’ will draw a breath-taking life game between the one who hides the truth and the chaser by reclaiming the life of Eun Dong-ju (Han Ji-hye), a woman whose life is rooted. It broadcasts at 9:05 every Saturday night.

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